Counseling and Training Practice Group

At Haynes and Boone, we work closely with our clients to minimize the risk of employment litigation, whether before the courts, arbitrators, or administrative agencies. In today's complex legal environment governing employer-employee relations, resources committed to preventative employee relations pay substantial dividends, particularly in light of the significant risks and costs posed by jury trials of employment-related claims. Our attorneys have developed and conducted training sessions on a national basis for client supervisors/managers on topics such as employment discrimination laws, minimizing the risks of employment litigation, internal investigations, preventing harassment in the workplace, compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other related statutes, maintaining or obtaining nonunion status or minimizing union impact, contract negotiations, conducting lawful and proper interviews and performance evaluations, and other employment law-related issues. Additionally, we provide our clients, at no charge, the Haynes and Boone Texas Employment Law Desk Reference (4th Edition 2006). This user-friendly reference book contains over 300 pages (and the capability to conduct electronic searches within the book) dedicated to a wide variety of labor and employment law issues. This is just another example of the practice group’s commitment to assist our clients in minimizing employment and labor law liability exposure. We dedicate ourselves to knowing your business, learning how it works, and engaging in a mutual effort to accomplish your goals.  As a part of that familiarization process, we often conduct employment practices and forms audits for clients.

 We get the job done.