International Trade Commission Section 337 Proceedings

With a team comprising a former head of the U.S. International Trade Commission's Section 337 legal office and an experienced group of intellectual property lawyers, our attorneys represent clients before the ITC in cases brought under Section 337. Our attorneys can help clients pursue claims seeking orders to exclude products that allegedly infringe a U.S. patent and assist them in defending against such claims as well. Our lawyers are frequently called upon for assistance or joint representations by law firms throughout the country that do not have this specialized Section 337 experience.

Patent proceedings before the ITC are often an attractive option for companies who believe infringing products are being imported into the United States because of the relative speed in which the cases are handled, as well as the powerful remedies the ITC possesses. Cases before the ITC are much more likely to go to trial than patent cases filed in a district court. The ITC has a unique set of rules and procedures, which Haynes and Boone lawyers know and understand. Our experienced attorneys help clients navigate through these proceedings, both as complainant and respondent, and we manage these complex cases from filing and institution through trial and any subsequent appeals.

Just as in patent infringement cases filed in U.S. District Courts, ITC patent cases require deep understanding of the technologies involved. When constructing a trial team, Haynes and Boone draws on a deep bench of attorneys with strong technical backgrounds as well as experienced patent litigators.