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Partnering with Trial Lawyers

Haynes and Boone's appellate lawyers work and play well with others, particularly trial lawyers. Working seamlessly with the trial team, we play a critical role in the trial court. Our extensive knowledge of and attention to procedural and substantive detail in both state and federal courts allows trial counsel to focus on important trial strategy. For instance, due to our understanding of the complex and ever-changing standards for instructing the jury under Texas law, our appellate team works to achieve a favorable jury charge while freeing trial counsel to focus on preparation of closing arguments. And our skills do more than save trial lawyers critical time. Our attention to detail and intimate understanding of appellate court preservation standards often results in preservation of arguments for appeal that may otherwise be overlooked.

We assist trial lawyers both within and outside the firm in numerous ways, including developing pre-trial strategy, drafting jurisdictional challenges, summary judgment motions, and other pre-trial motions, and drafting and arguing the charge to the jury. In cases where the trial court's ruling causes immediate harm that cannot be addressed by a traditional appeal, Haynes and Boone's appellate lawyers have extensive experience pursuing immediate appellate relief by mandamus. Once the verdict is in, our appellate lawyers are instrumental in forming or overturning the judgment.