Insurance Journal Guest Article: How Can Insurance Agents Help the Texas Fire Victims?


As fires tear through Texas, businesses and homeowners struggle to determine their losses. According to the Insurance Council of Texas, this year’s fire losses are Texas’ worst on record. The Texas Forest Service has reported that more than 1,900 homes and dozens of businesses have been destroyed so far.

In handling the crisis, policyholders must quickly evaluate their available insurance coverage. Any delay in identifying coverage and claiming policy benefits will compound problems and can foreclose coverage altogether. In the case of businesses, failure to pursue available insurance can even result in liability to shareholders.

To protect their clients, every agent first must understand what coverage its clients hold by reviewing their policies and determining which ones could provide coverage. In doing so, agents should also consider what additional coverage may be purchased to protect those clients not yet affected.

Excerpt from Insurance Journal, Sept. 13, 2011. To view the full article, click the PDF linked below.

PDF - Insurance Journal: How Can Insurance Agents Help the Texas Fire Victims? 

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