Top Trends in Insurance Law


Presented at The University of Texas School of Law 18th Annual Insurance Law Institute, November, 8, 2013.

Topics include:

National Trends

  • Rising Risk of Cyber Exposure and Insurance Claims
  • The Steady Rise of M&A Insurance
  • The Storm Over Anti-Concurrent Clauses
  • The National Debate Over Coverage for Construction Defects
  • The Rise of the Anti-Indemnity Statute

Texas Trends

  • Increase of Voluntary Settlements
  • The Demise of Pro Rata Allocation
  • Heightened Disputes Between Carriers
  • The Shifting Sand of Selection of Counsel
  • Avid Appetite for Appraisals
  • Prevalence of Arbitration Clauses
  • Additional Insured Anxiety
  • Strong Adherence to Language in Policy
  • More Dogmatic Adherence to the Eight Corners Rule
  • Soaring Certifications to the Texas Supreme Court
  • Contract Exclusion Takes Center Stage

To view the presentation slides, click on the PDF linked below.


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