Retirement Plan Design and Counseling

Combining our experiences as in-house benefits counsel for Fortune 50 companies with our overall benefits experience, our group assists clients in drafting, administering and terminating qualified and non-qualified plans.  We help leading companies and non-profit organizations implement 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), Cash Balance Plans, and Profits Sharing and Defined Benefits Plans. 

Where our depth and experience permits Haynes and Boone to impart additional value to companies and non-profit organizations, where many other organizations cannot, by quickly providing answers and addressing issues, both legal and practical, related to plan noncompliance, funding and other benefits matters.  We also help companies with transitioning from one type of benefit plan to another.  Our lawyers are adept at guiding in-house benefits personnel and counsel through what can be a very complex process of understanding changing ERISA law and IRS regulations.  When calling upon us, companies are assured of reaching someone who is current on the law and can explain it clearly in practical terms that apply to their specific situation.  Should there ever be a change in the law that impacts a plan we have helped implement, our lawyers can expediently advise you of any potential plan alterations.