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Sam Lichtman in Forbes: Will Congress Succeed In Closing This Corporate Tax Loophole?

Congress recently passed new rules designed to remove the attractiveness of corporate tax inversions. Tax inversions are considered to be a strategy that corporations utilize to improve operational efficiencies and reduce their tax burden. Did Congress get it right? Will the new rules accomplish what the administration and many members of Congress desire? >>

Recent Publications

IRS Suspends MLP Qualifying Income Private Letter Rulings

The Internal Revenue Service (the “IRS”) has temporarily suspended the issuance of private letter rulings on master limited partnership (“MLP”) “qualifying income” under Internal Revenue Code Section 7704(d) during the pendency of an internal committee review of existing rulings in that area. >>


Given its complex nature and the frequency with which it changes, the tax law represents one of the biggest commercial and regulatory obstacles that businesses, organizations and individuals face. Our tax lawyers use their in-depth knowledge and experience to help our clients achieve their business goals and objectives in the most tax-efficient manner.

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