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Recent Publications

D.C. Circuit Creates Circuit Split by Holding FCA First-to-File Bar Applies Even When First Action is No Longer “Pending”

The D.C. Circuit recently expanded the scope of the False Claims Act’s first-to-file defense. See United States ex rel. Shea v. Cellco Partnership, __ F.3d __, 2014 WL 1294687 (D.C. Cir. April 11, 2014). >>

DOJ and FTC Release a Joint Antitrust Policy Statement Encouraging Companies to Share Cyber Threat Information

In a joint policy statement released on April 10, 2014, the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) and Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) officially encouraged companies, including direct competitors, to share cyber threat information with one another when it announced that “properly designed sharing of cyber threat information should not raise antitrust concerns.” >>

A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response - Part 8

In this final installment of our series, A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response, we outline four key considerations that every company should be aware of in pursuing coverage for claims and losses arising out of a cyber/privacy breach. >>

A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response - Part 7

In this installment of our special series, A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response, we discuss the firestorm of litigation that can arise following a breach and provide practical guidance for preparing for the worst. >>

Our experience includes defending companies in:

  • Antitrust Violations
  • Environmental Compliance and Reporting Violations
  • Mail and Wire Fraud
  • Government Contracting and Procurement Fraud
  • False Claims Act and QuiTam Proceedings
  • Health Care Fraud and Abuse
  • Money Laundering Violations
  • Internal Investigations
  • International Trade and Customs Fraud
  • Securities Law Violations
  • RICO Violations
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Violations

White Collar Criminal Defense

Haynes and Boone’s White Collar Criminal Defense practice group vigorously defends companies and their executives and directors against charges of criminal misconduct and related civil claims. Utilizing a talent base composed of former high-ranking federal prosecutors and long-time defense practitioners, we have delivered successful results through both the adversary process as well as through skillful negotiation. Our matters span varied industries and have involved concerns of criminal misconduct under antitrust, banking, environmental, false claims, healthcare, and securities laws, among others. With the support of the firm’s more than 500 attorneys in 13 offices, our Group can defend clients nationally and internationally from our group’s home bases in Texas and Washington, D.C.

Corporate Investigations

Our group quickly delivers the experience and resources necessary to perform complex and often time-pressured internal investigations that usually accompany any significant government investigation and related civil plaintiffs’ litigation. Providing coordinated and consistent defenses to such “parallel proceedings” has been the hallmark of our practice for decades. We react quickly when there is an opportunity to understand the scope of any potential problems before they are discovered by potential governmental or civil plaintiff adversaries. Our group’s ability to manage the competing pressures and restraints of a matter has been proven in numerous industries. Our knowledge of the criminal process and civil fraud litigation means that our investigations are conducted with an eye toward both the potential benefits of a successful investigation as well as an awareness of the pitfalls inherent to such investigations.

Compliance Program Counseling

We also provide counsel in the development of compliance programs to minimize the risk of future criminal or civil problems. Our lawyers recognize the value of prevention or at least early detection of possible misconduct. Our lawyers are experienced with the importance of compliance programs under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and, more importantly, in persuading prosecutors to decline indictment. Toward that end, our lawyers assist management in developing effective compliance programs, carefully tailored to the client’s industry and particular needs.