Haynes and Boone participates with professional organizations and networks, including: 

World Services Group
Globalization has transformed the way business is conducted. The market for tangible products has always crossed borders. But today, the advancement of technology has created a surge in the need for legal services across boundaries as well.

Haynes and Boone is one of the founding firms in the World Services Group, a global legal services network that instantly unites us with leading law firms around the world. This alliance provides our clients the ability to easily access cost-effective, efficient and highly skilled foreign counsel.

We continuously also actively review potential foreign counsel opportunities through participation in international networking and educational organizations such as the International Trademark Association.

TechLaw Group, Inc.
Haynes and Boone is the only Texas member of TechLaw Group Inc., a worldwide network of law firms formed in 1986 by five large U.S. law firms to advance their clients’ interests in all areas of technology law.

The TechLaw mission is unique. The members have joined forces to grapple with the rapidly evolving practice of technology law by sharing best practices and providing referrals.

Today the organization has grown to include 17 law firms with more than 7,000 lawyers and offices in more than 30 countries. TechLaw a unique example of how collaborative programming and personal relationships can foster long-term value.

The Sedona Conference
The Sedona Conference Working Group Series is a series of think-tanks consisting of leading jurists, lawyers, experts and consultants brought together by a desire to address various “tipping point” issues in each area under consideration. The group takes on these issues and creates guidance, through dialogue, in the form of various publications. The publications, mainly The Sedona Principles, are cited in virtually any case that touch on issues that deal with electronic evidence.

Haynes and Boone has been involved in cases dealing with electronic evidence since the mid 1990s. The Sedona Conference has been an invaluable resource for guidance in this still emerging area of discovery as well as from a records management vantage. Several of the firms’ attorneys are participating members of the Conference and use the groups’ materials as training tools and guidance for others in the firm. For further information or to request any of The Sedona Conference publications, please contact