• Q:
    What types of social activities do the summer associates participate in?

    The firm arranges a variety of social activities throughout the summer program to provide the summer associates and lawyers the opportunity to get to know one another. We encourage the summer associates to participate in the summer activities, however, they are not required to attend all activities. Many of the activities allow the summer associates to experience the city as well as life outside of the firm. Dinners, sporting events and section parties are just some of the ways summer associates get to know the lawyers.

  • Q:
    What are the salaries and benefits of a summer associate working for Haynes and Boone?

    Our current summer associate salary is $3,462 per week for all of our cities.

    The firm pays for the summer associate’s moving allowance one-way if he or she is splitting the summer with another employer in the same city. If the summer associate is only working with Haynes and Boone in that particular city, the firm will reimburse you up to $500.

  • Q:
    Do you hire 1Ls for your summer program?

    Yes. We allow our Diversity Scholars and HBA Scholars to join our summer program as 1Ls. We also hire other 1L candidates for our Dallas, Houston, and Richardson offices.

  • Q:
    Do you have a first half and second half program?

    Generally summer associates come during the first half of the summer. In certain offices, we allow summer associates to come second half, however, it is subject to the approval of the hiring partner.

  • Q:
    Will the firm assist me with finding summer housing?

    Yes, Haynes and Boone works with a reputable apartment locating company. They provide our summer associates with rental options that best meet their requirements based on location and price. More information is provided in the spring before their arrival.

  • Q:
    How is an offer made?

    Summer Associates offers for employment are made at the end of the summer program. Input is solicited from all lawyers for the final evaluation of each summer associate. Decisions regarding offers are based upon numerous considerations, including the evaluation of the summer associate’s work product, the recommendations of the Summer Associate Committee and the firm’s hiring needs.

  • Q:
    How does your firm distribute work assignments to summer associates?

    Each summer associate is assigned a “supervisor” who provides the summer associate with work assignments. Each summer associate is exposed to several interesting projects which can reveal their researching and writing abilities among other things. Assignments correspond with sections they rotate through during the summer.

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