Entry Level Attorney FAQ

Q: What is the compensation package for a 2011 New Associate?

A: Our 2013 New Associate salary has not been set at this time. However, over the past several years, it has been our practice to set the initial salary level of the entering class at prevailing market rates. 

Q: What are the benefits for a New Associate?

A: Medical coverage is offered on a shared-cost basis Option to purchase dental and supplemental disability insurance at employer cost. Medical spending and dependent care accounts offered under Section 125. 401(k) plan allows employee to contribute after 3 months; after one year, firm adds 2 percent of salary.

Q: What is your partnership track for a New Associate?

A: It is our present policy to consider attorneys for partnership after eight to ten years of practice with the firm.

Q: What types of training and professional development opportunities does your organization offer?

A: Haynes and Boone has a comprehensive in-house training program. Our program includes an intensive, three-day program design to "jump-start" our new associates’ careers. HayBooU introduces our new lawyers to the firm and its resources, with special attention on skills used in the day-to-day practice of law, and on specific topics that focus on developing transactional practice skills and litigation practice skills.

Haynes and Boone also offers a year-round training program for our first and second year associates that covers more than 200 topics. These topics are typically section or practice group specific. We have regularly scheduled section practice group meetings to discuss practice matters and current legal trends. Haynes and Boone also holds firm-wide retreats and a litigation retreat to promote firm-wide training and professional development.

Q: What roles do partners/senior attorneys play in the training of associates?

A: Haynes and Boone seeks to hire, train, develop, and promote the highest quality associates. Each associate will have supervision by partners within the associate’s practice group. Partners will serve as mentors and will oversee each associate’s training and development in all aspects of the law of law, as well as integration into the community. Each incoming associate will also have an associate mentor from his or her practice group to assist the associate’s integration into the firm and the community.

Q: Do you pay for outside CLE or other educational programs for attorneys?

A: Yes, within our guidelines.

Judicial Clerkships

Q: What is your judicial clerkship policy?

A: Upon employment at the firm, the associate will be given a judicial clerkship bonus plus salary and partnership credit of one year. Additional credit for a two-year federal clerkship will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Judicial clerkship credits include clerkships with Federal District Courts, Federal Courts of Appeals, the U.S. Supreme Court and state supreme courts. Credit for judicial clerkships with other courts will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Do you encourage judicial clerkships?

A: Yes, many of our attorneys have completed judicial clerkships. The research and writing skills as well as the exposure to the trial and appeal process have proven to be valuable skills in the professional development of these attorneys.