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Diana Liebmann in Law360: 5 Things That Keep Utility Attorneys Up At Night

Seismic shifts in traditional power sources and the increased unbundling of power generation and transmission. The ascendance of renewable energy on the electric grid, including user-generated energy. An increasingly influential Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. >>

Diana Liebmann in Law360: Texas Power Estimate Cools Capacity Market Debate

In a report issued Friday, Texas’ electrical grid operator projected its current power production can exceed recommended reserve levels for years to come, giving further ammunition to opponents of a proposal for the state to adopt a capacity market designed to promote more new generation. >>

Diana Liebmann in Law360: Texas Regulation to Watch in 2014

Texas energy producers are keeping a close eye on several brewing regulatory changes, as the state plans to take over greenhouse gas permitting from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and a heated debate continues over how to address an expected electric capacity shortfall. >>