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Diana Liebmann in Law360: Texas Power Estimate Cools Capacity Market Debate

In a report issued Friday, Texas’ electrical grid operator projected its current power production can exceed recommended reserve levels for years to come, giving further ammunition to opponents of a proposal for the state to adopt a capacity market designed to promote more new generation. >>

Diana Liebmann in Law360: Texas Regulation to Watch in 2014

Texas energy producers are keeping a close eye on several brewing regulatory changes, as the state plans to take over greenhouse gas permitting from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and a heated debate continues over how to address an expected electric capacity shortfall. >>

Diana Liebmann in Law360: Texas PUC Vote Signals Move Toward Power Subsidies

Following an acrimonious debate, the Texas Public Utility Commission on Friday said the state should adopt a mandatory reserve margin for its electrical supply, a move viewed by regulatory attorneys as the first step toward creating a controversial capacity market that would subsidize power generation. >>

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Offshore Magazine Guest Article: Proposed Offshore Seismic Rules Appear to Lack Scientific Rigor

No one knows for certain what will turn up when a drill bit reaches target depth, but seismic data allow robust estimates of the probability of success. This has never been truer than today as a result of dramatic technological advances in seismic surveying and computer modeling. >>