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Haynes and Boone Updates Comprehensive Review of US Fracing Regulations

HOUSTON – Haynes and Boone, LLP energy attorneys have published an update to their comprehensive and highly regarded “American Law and Jurisprudence on Fracing,” a white paper that examines the legal, environmental and regulatory climate in active shale play states. >>

Recent Publications

International Finance Law Review Guest Article: Cfius Subject to New Due Process Requirements

A DC Circuit Court ruling on the matter dated July 15 could represent a small victory for the due process rights afforded to foreign investors in the national security review of their inbound acquisitions by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (Cfius). >>

U.S. Actions Demonstrate that National Security Concerns Are a Risk, But Not a Certain Roadblock, to Chinese Investments: Good Advice, Careful Planning and Smart Execution Are Critical

The Exon-Florio Amendment gives CFIUS and the President the power to block or order divestitures before approving a "covered transaction," meaning any merger or takeover of a U.S. company that results in foreign control and that threatens to impair U.S. national security. >>