01/30/2015 Oral Agreement to Delay Oil and Gas Lease Closing Did Not Violate Statute of Frauds
01/30/2015 Securities Litigation Year in Review 2014
01/29/2015 IRS 2014 Recap and Summary of What’s to Come
01/29/2015 The Draft Proposed 2017-2022 OCS Oil and Gas Leasing Program
01/27/2015 Addressing Oil and Gas Loan Defaults: Options and Consequences
01/26/2015 HSR Update: Annual Jurisdictional Thresholds Revisions Effective February 20, 2015 and Tips for Avoiding HSR Violations
01/23/2015 Supreme Court Favors Juries over Judges in Deciding Consumer Perspective Trademark Issue
01/20/2015 Franchisor Enforces Forum Selection Clause against Area Representative in California Federal District Court
1/18/2015 Haynes and Boone Mourns the Passing of Partner Kirk L. Worley
01/16/2015 OFAC Publishes New and Amended Cuba Sanctions Regulations
01/14/2015 CFAA Claims by Software Vendors for Unauthorized Access to Their Licensed Software on Their Clients’ Computers
01/14/2015 H-1B Filings for FY 2016: The Countdown to April 1 Has Begun
01/13/2015 Target Consumer Class Action Survives Motion to Dismiss
01/09/2015 Relevant Environmental Legal Aspects of the Energy Reform in Mexico
01/08/2015 A “Crumby” Decision Confuses Trademark Law for Rejected Licenses in Chapter 11 Cases
01/08/2015 Brazilian Ministry for Mines and Energy Issues Directives for A-5 Power Bid
01/05/2015 A Dozen Ways to Stretch Your Borrowing Base
01/05/2015 Common Provisions in a Chapter 11 Plan Prevent Lender from Collecting From the Owner of the Debtor
01/05/2015 Data Breach Plaintiffs Bring Creative Claims to Overcome Standing Hurdles
01/01/2015 2014 Year in Review: Antitrust and Business Litigation
12/31/2014 Fifth Circuit Civil Appellate Update
12/31/2014 Janet Ismail Profile in Chancellor's Centurions - Living the Life She Imagined
12/31/2014 Media and Entertainment Law Newsletter, December 2014
12/30/2014 U.S. Policy on Cuba Could Create Business Opportunities
12/23/2014 BEA Retroactively Reinstates Mandatory FDI Reporting Requirements with a Due Date of January 12, 2015
12/23/2014 Chinese Catalogue of Industries for Guiding Foreign Investment to be Amended – Opening Doors Wider?
12/23/2014 Mexico Round One – First Bidding Process
12/22/2014 Three Recent FCPA Actions Highlight Enforcement Focus on Gifts and Hospitality
12/18/2014 Law360 Guest Article: A Busy Year For Anti-SLAPP Litigation and Legislation
12/18/2014 Sony Pictures Hit With Class Actions Arising from Recent Data Breach
12/16/2014 DOJ Addresses Scope of Successor Liability in New FCPA Opinion
12/15/2014 Administration Raises Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Penalty Cap By 77 Percent
12/15/2014 Compliance Risks in China
12/12/2014 Houston Lawyer Guest Article: Bright Lights, Big Oil
12/12/2014 Law360 Guest Article: Do Fracking Bans Trigger Civil Authority Coverage?
12/12/2014 Second Circuit Clarifies Tippee Liability for Insider Trading
12/10/2014 Do You Have California Employees? Action Required by January 1, 2015 to Comply with California’s New Paid Sick Leave Law
12/10/2014 Issuing Banks’ Claims Against Target Allowed to Proceed
12/08/2014 Finally, the Post-Alice Federal Circuit Finds a Computer-Implemented Business Method Patent-Eligible
12/05/2014 Inflation-Adjusted 2015 Figures for Estate and Gift Taxes
12/04/2014 CMS Proposes Changes for ACOs in the Medicare Shared Savings Program
12/04/2014 The Wait Is Over, but the Questions Are Not: Adapting to the FDA’s New Menu Labeling Requirements
12/03/2014 ISDA Publishes Resolution Stay Protocol
12/01/2014 Denton’s Fracking Ban: Will “Civil Authority” Insurance Coverage Apply to Lessees’ Loss of Natural Gas Revenues?
12/01/2014 INTA Conducts Second Annual Training Seminar at IMPI
12/01/2014 Oil and Gas Monitor Guest Article: The Shale Revolution: Expanding the Use of Alternative Financing Structures
11/26/2014 Media and Entertainment Law Newsletter, November 2014
11/20/2014 Bifurcated Appellate Review: The Texas Story of Two High Courts
11/17/2014 Federal Circuit Strikes Down Business Method Patent Based on Early-Stage Motion to Dismiss
11/16/2014 Americas Practice Group Overview
11/13/2014 Department of Justice $5 Million Gun-Jumping and Sherman Act Section 1 Settlement Highlights Risks of Improper Premerger Coordination
11/12/2014 Bloomberg BNA Securities Regulation & Law Report: The Impact of Chinese State Secrecy Laws on Foreign-Listed Companies
11/11/2014 Connecticut Supreme Court: HIPAA Does Not Preempt State Law Claims
11/06/2014 CYBER SECURITY: Navigating an Evolving and Complex Legal Landscape
11/04/2014 Lightning Oil Company v. Anadarko E&P Offshore, LLC
11/04/2014 Managing Environmental Risks
11/03/2014 EPA Approves Texas Takeover of Greenhouse Gas Permitting
11/03/2014 Putting the Genie Back in the Bottle: Fifth Circuit Finds Breach of Express Warranty to Repair Not Excluded by the “Contractual Liability” Exclusion
11/1/2014 Overview of Enforcement Efforts by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
10/31/2014 Texas Railroad Commission Finalizes Proposal to Require Seismic Surveys
10/29/2014 Bloomberg BNA Daily Environment Report Guest Article: Clean Air Act: New Developments That Are Redefining the Enforcement Landscape
10/29/2014 FCC Brings Its First Data Breach Enforcement Action
10/28/2014 Houston Lawyer Guest Article: Linda Marshall: The Beauty of Words
10/24/2014 Key Developments in Privacy and Data Security
10/23/2014 Eurekahedge Guest Article: CSRC New Regulations on Private Investment Funds
10/22/2014 Bloomberg BNA Mergers and Acquisitions Law Report Guest Article: Buyer Beware: Social Media Due Diligence in M&A
10/22/2014 Media and Entertainment Law Newsletter, October 2014
10/21/2014 CMS Extends MSSP ACO Waivers
10/21/2014 FDA Throws the (Purple) Book at Biosimilars - Purple v. Orange
10/20/2014 CFPB Relaxes Rules Governing Privacy Disclosures
10/20/2014 Council of Appellate Lawyers - Chair's Column
10/16/2014 Texas Press Association Guest Article: Recent Decisions Affect Access to Juvenile Courts
10/14/2014 Franchise Lawyer Guest Article: TGI Friday’s Case Highlights Issues at Non-Traditional Venues
10/06/2014 CSRC New Regulations on Private Investment Funds
10/06/2014 Oil and Gas Monitor Guest Article: Things that Go Bump in the Night: Litigation Risks that Leave Oil and Gas CEOs Sleepless
10/06/2014 SAFE Circular No. 36 Liberalizes Foreign Invested Enterprises’ Capital Conversion in 16 Pilot Areas
10/06/2014 SAFE Circular No. 37: New Rules Regulating Round-Tripping Investment by Chinese Entrepreneurs
10/02/2014 BSEE Initiates Rulemaking on Helicopter Facilities and Helidecks
10/01/2014 Current Trends in Oil & Gas Financing and Investment Presentation 2014
09/30/2014 Representing Amicus Curiae at Oral Argument
09/20/2014 United States Supreme Court Update
09/25/2014 Recent Developments in Clean Air Act Enforcement Tactics May Spell Increased Risk for Many Companies
09/24/2014 Weathering the Storm: Momentive Performance Court Rejects Market-Based Cramdown Interest Rate, Casts Doubt on Make-Whole Claims
09/18/2014 Outbound Investing - Japan Goes Global
09/18/2014 The SEC Continues its “Broken Windows” Initiative with Charges of Late Filings of Ownership Reporting and Rule 105 Violations
09/17/2014 Top U.S. Antitrust Division Officials Provide Guidance Regarding Compliance Programs
09/16/2014 Weathering the Storm: Eleventh Circuit Vacates Four-Year-Old 363 Sale Order Based on Bad Faith Filing of an Involuntary Bankruptcy Case
09/15/2014 Alicia Calzada Comments on Legal Issues Related to "Drone Journalism"
09/15/2014 The French blocking statute, the Hague Evidence Convention, and the case law: lessons for French parties responding to American discovery
09/15/2014 Tom Williams Moderates Panel at Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas Conference
09/11/2014 California Employers Face Expanded Obligation to Reimburse Employee Personal Cell Phone Use
09/11/2014 CFTC Relief Permits Commodity Pools to Use General Solicitation
09/10/2014 Weathering the Storm: Is TMT Procurement the Death Knell for Debtor in Possession Financing in the Fifth Circuit or Just a Pebble in the Ocean?
09/08/2014 Delaware Court of Chancery Applies Board-Friendly Standard to Dismiss Claims Challenging Controlling Party Takeover
09/05/2014 Texas Lawyer Guest Article: Differing Results in Recent Nuisance Cases Against Oil and Gas Operators
09/01/2014 ACO Risks and Rewards: Balancing Opportunities for Innovation with Effective Compliance
08/28/2014 American College of Environmental Lawyers Guest Article: Texas Railroad Commission on Track to Address Quakes
08/27/2014 SEC Provides New Guidance for Accredited Investor Verification under Regulation D
08/27/2014 Surface Access, the Accommodation Doctrine, and Fresh Groundwater
08/22/2014 Bureau of Ocean Energy Management's Plan to Reform Risk Management
08/20/2014 Mexican Energy Reform on Oil and Gas
08/15/2014 Corporate Counsel Guest Article: The Offer: What Small-Cap Issuers Need to Know
08/11/2014 Latin Lawyer Guest Article: Raising the Bar
08/07/2014 Preservation of Error at Trial
08/07/2014 Securities Liability for False Opinions - 10th Circuit Weighs in on Circuit Split
08/06/2014 PCAOB Adopts New Auditing Standard for Related Party Transactions
08/01/2014 NLRB General Counsel Authorizes Complaints against McDonald’s, Classifying Franchisor as Joint Employer with Franchisees
08/01/2014 Who's Who Legal August 2014 Roundtable
07/31/2014 Oil and Gas Litigation Newsletter, July 2014
07/30/2014 Sixth Circuit Clarifies Scope of Medicare Secondary Payer Liability for Non-Group Health Plans
07/29/2014 International Finance Law Review Guest Article: Cfius Subject to New Due Process Requirements
07/28/2014 Media and Entertainment Law Newsletter, July 2014
07/25/2014 Corporate Disputes Guest Article: Corporate Disputes: Inter Partes Review in Patent Disputes
07/24/2014 Turning Lemons into Lemonade: Insurance Coverage Lessons Learned from Heartland Payment Systems
07/22/2014 International Arbitration Bootcamp - Planning and Protecting the International Project
07/16/2014 Law360 Guest Article: A Victory For State Anti-SLAPP Laws
07/16/2014 Reducción de Intereses por Usura
07/15/2014 Negotiating Restrictive Covenants that Diminish the Ability of Landlords to Enter into Leases and Grant Signage Rights
07/15/2014 Think Real Estate, July 2014
07/11/2014 Federal Update
07/10/2014 Structuring Capital Call or Subscription Loan Facilities for Investment Funds
07/09/2014 New IRS Ruling Permits Deferred Compensation Opportunities for U.S. Fund Managers of Offshore Hedge Funds
07/08/2014 Fort Worth Business Press Guest Article: The Hobby Lobby Decision: Supreme Court Decision Will Have an Impact, But What Will It Be?
07/08/2014 Streamlined Application for 501(c)(3) Status Now Available
07/07/2014 D.C. Circuit Holds Attorney-Client Privilege Protects Corporate Internal Investigations
07/02/2014 Fifth Circuit Civil Appellate Update
07/02/2014 Texas Supreme Court Clarifies Royalty Calculations for Enhanced Oil Recovery
07/01/2014 Council of Appellate Council - Chair’s Column
07/01/2014 Law360 Guest Article: Texas High Court Continues To Rule In Favor Of Lessees
06/30/2014 Fifth Circuit Holds Any Claim that Exhausts Underlying Insurance Can Trigger Excess Insurance
06/26/2014 Law360 Guest Article: 4th Circ. Decision May Expand SEC’s List Of Defendants
06/25/2014 Halliburton II: Supreme Court Holds that Fraud-on-the-Market Theory Survives but Defendants May Rebut Presumption at Class Certification
06/25/2014 Haynes and Boone Secures Historic Anti-SLAPP Law Win in Federal Court Confirming that State Anti-SLAPP Statutes Create Substantive First Amendment Rights
06/25/2014 Supreme Court Pulls the Plug on Aereo
06/25/2014 Texas Supreme Court Refuses to Recognize a Common Law Claim for Shareholder Oppression
06/24/2014 ISDA Publishes Form of Amendment to Address Uncertainty Regarding Section 2(a)(iii)
06/24/2014 Managing Environmental Risks
06/24/2014 Supreme Court Strikes Down Greenhouse Gas Permitting
06/23/2014 Texas Supreme Court Holds that Mineral Lessee Has the Right to Use a Road across Non-Producing Pooled Tracts
06/21/2014 The IP Beacon, June 2014
06/20/2014 Forcing Patent Owners to Fess Up: Proposed PTO Rules Regarding “Attributable Owners”
6/20/2014 Modificaciones a la Ley General de Sociedades Mercantiles
06/20/2014 Supreme Court Hedges Risk for Defendant CLS Bank on Business Method Patentability; Net Effect on All Business Method Patents Remains Unclear
06/20/2014 Supreme Court to Determine Legality of TV Retransmissions Over the Internet
06/19/2014 After 22 Years of Litigation, the U.S. Trademark Office Again Cancels the Washington Redskins’ Trademarks as Disparaging to Native Americans
06/18/2014 EPA Greenhouse Gas Proposal Published - the Clock is Now Ticking
06/16/2014 Delaware Supreme Court Holds Fee-Shifting Provisions in Bylaws Facially Valid
06/13/2014 Supreme Court Holds Federal Unfair Competition Claim Not Precluded by FDA’s Food and Beverage Labeling Regulations
06/10/2014 IP Today Guest Article: Supreme Court's Aereo Ruling Could Have Far-Reaching Effects
06/10/2014 Offshore With A Hole In Your Paddle: Does Your Risk Management Cover The New Post-Macondo World?
06/09/2014 CTS Corp. v. Waldburger - Supreme Court Refuses to Disturb Statutes of Repose
06/05/2014 Challenging Arbitration Awards
06/02/2014 Professional Safety Guest Article: The I2P2 Debate
06/02/2014 Supreme Court Adopts New Indefiniteness Standard
05/30/2014 Directors Beware: ISS Urges Ouster of Target’s Directors in the Wake of its Data Breach
05/27/2014 Court of Appeals Denies Emergency Motion for Stay of Conflict Minerals Rule
05/22/2014 Expediting Your Patent Application: Let us Count (or Define) the Ways
05/22/2014 Fourth Circuit Holds that Criminal Enforcement of Rule 10b-5 Violation is not Limited to “Makers” of Statements
05/21/2014 Bloomberg BNA Electronic Commerce & Law Report: When Employees Leave with Electronic Files: The CFAA’s Eclectic Damage and Loss Case Law Illustrated
05/21/2014 Defining Foreign Government and Foreign Officials under the FCPA
05/20/2014 LabMD Appeals District Court Dismissal, Eleventh Circuit Denies Emergency Relief
05/16/2014 FTC Retains Authority to Regulate Data Security at HIPAA Covered Entities - For Now
05/16/2014 Media and Entertainment Law Newsletter, May 2014
05/14/2014 Company Faces Shareholder Derivative Suit Following Series of Data Breaches
05/12/2014 SEC Issues Updated Guidance on Conflict Minerals Rule following the Filing of an Emergency Motion for Stay
05/09/2014 Federal Circuit Holds Java API Code Copyrightable, Revives Oracle’s Billion-Dollar Suit Against Google
05/08/2014 A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response - Special Series
05/08/2014 HSR Update: Antitrust Scrutiny of Non-reportable Transactions
05/08/2014 Preserving Insurance Coverage for Contractual Liability
05/07/2014 Mexico Energy Reform - Implementing Legislation
05/06/2014 IP Today Guest Article: Shades of Meaning -- Best Practices for Single-Color Trademark Protection
05/06/2014 IP Today Guest Article: Supreme Court's Latest Foray into Patentability of ''Abstract'' Ideas Unlikely to Clarify the Legal Landscape
04/29/2014 Law360 Guest Article: Emerging Circ. Split Over Scope Of FCA First-To-File Bar
04/29/2014 Supreme Court Sets New Standards for Attorneys' Fees in Patent Infringement Lawsuits
04/28/2014 If It Looks Like a Duck, Walks Like a Duck, and Quacks Like a Duck: The Enforceability of Noncompetes Against Nonsignatories
04/23/2014 Bloomberg BNA Criminal Law Reporter Guest Article: Judge’s Refusal to Enforce Broad Subpoenas in ‘BridgeGate’ Case
04/23/2014 ISDA Section 2(a)(iii): Problems and Solutions
04/23/2014 Media and Entertainment Law Newsletter, April 2014
04/22/2014 American Bankers Association Bank Compliance Magazine Guest Article: Responding to Examination Findings
04/21/2014 Bloomberg BNA Banking Daily Guest Article: Stopping the Bleeding: Pre-Foreclosure Rights and Equity Collateral
04/18/2014 Media Law Letter Guest Article: Ninth Circuit Orders Take-Down of “Innocence of Muslims” Video in Novel and Controversial Application of Copyright Law
04/17/2014 D.C. Circuit Creates Circuit Split by Holding FCA First-to-File Bar Applies Even When First Action is No Longer “Pending”
04/17/2014 HIPAA Covered Entity Challenges FTC’s Authority to Regulate Data Security
04/17/2014 Private Equity Real Estate
04/16/2014 Society for Human Resource Management Guest Article: BYOD Has Its Risks
04/15/2014 American Bar Association's Recent Developments in Business and Corporate Litigation, Chapter 2: Appellate Practice
04/14/2014 Virtual Roundtable - Environment Law 2014
04/11/2014 DOJ and FTC Release a Joint Antitrust Policy Statement Encouraging Companies to Share Cyber Threat Information
04/10/2014 2014 Annual Review of Developments in Business and Corporate Litigation: Appellate Practice
04/09/2014 Court Rules that FTC has Authority to Regulate Corporate Cybersecurity
04/07/2014 Texas Lawyer Guest Article: Don't Let the Board Get Hammered: A Pair of Tools for Controlling Shareholder Takeovers
04/04/2014 CFTC Loosens Requirements for Swaps for Utility Special Entities
04/04/2014 Oil and Gas Litigation Newsletter, April 2014
04/03/2014 A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response - Part 8
04/03/2014 IRS Suspends MLP Qualifying Income Private Letter Rulings
04/01/2014 Mexican Energy Reform: Releasing Power & Renewable Energy
03/28/2014 SEC Roundtable is Latest Sign of Cybersecurity’s Critical Importance to Businesses
03/28/2014 Supreme Court Confirms Broad Reach of Lanham Act False Advertising Claims
03/27/2014 A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response - Part 7
03/26/2014 Headache Prevention: Lessons on Conflicts of Interest
03/26/2014 Lynne Liberato in the Houston Chronicle: United Way Initiative Helping Families Thrive Financially
03/26/2014 Privacy Advisor Guest Article: Designing and Implementing an Effective Privacy and Security Plan
03/24/2014 Employment Tax on Settlement Agreements in ERISA Cases
03/24/2014 Media and Entertainment Law Newsletter, March 2014
03/21/2014 A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response - Part 6
03/20/2014 Antitrust: Scrutiny of Reverse Payment Settlements
03/20/2014 Pragmatists vs. Academics: The Lighting Ballast Control Decision
03/20/2014 Prosecution History Estoppel Applies to Design Patents
03/20/2014 The IP Beacon, March 2014
03/19/2014 Delaware Supreme Court Adopts New Board-Friendly Standard for Certain Controlling-Shareholder Buyouts
03/19/2014 Fifth Circuit Civil Appellate Update
03/19/2014 How to Seek Permissive Interlocutory Appeals in State Court
03/18/2014 Law360 Guest Article: EEOC Looks To Limit Severance Agreements With Litigation
03/13/2014 A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response - Part 5
03/11/2014 American Oil & Gas Reporter Guest Article: Winter Weather Significantly Alters Landscape for Natural Gas Prices
03/10/2014 Oil & Gas Monitor Guest Article: New Paradigm in E&P Finance
03/07/2014 Law360 Guest Article: Expect Foreign Privacy Law Defense to US Discovery to Fail
03/06/2014 A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response - Part 4
03/04/2014 Fourth Circuit Affirms Dismissal of FCA Suit Alleging Regulatory Violations
03/04/2014 Predicting Litigation Trends in Oil & Gas
02/27/2014 A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response - Part 3
02/27/2014 In Stanford-Related Cases, Supreme Court Allows State-Law Fraud Class Actions, Limiting the Extent of Federal Preclusion
02/26/2014 Asian Capital - Is the Outbound Story a Permanent Trend?
02/25/2014 Huffington Post Guest Article: You Can't Have Equal Pay Without Equal Opportunity
02/25/2014 Law360 Guest Article: Using Images From Social Media: 3 Lessons From AFP Case
02/20/2014 A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response - Part 2
02/20/2014 Diversity Highlights (2013)
02/20/2014 Law360 Guest Article: Injunctive Relief Over Trade Secrets Now Easier in Texas
02/19/2014 A Practical Guide to Applying the Federal Sentencing Guidelines in Antitrust Cases
02/19/2014 Healthcare Delivery in a Post-Affordable Care Act World
02/18/2014 Los Tribunales Colegiados en México Reconocen como Derecho Humano el Acceso al Arbitraje
02/17/2014 New York Court of Appeals Rules Contractual Limitations Period Unenforceable, Resolving Conflicting Policy Conditions in Favor of Coverage
02/13/2014 A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response - Part 1
02/11/2014 gTLD Domain Name Update
02/06/2014 Media and Entertainment Law Newsletter, February 2014
02/06/2014 The "Third-Party Allegation" Rule May Not be Dead Yet
02/05/2014 California AG Cracks Down on Timing of Data Breach Disclosures
02/04/2014 E&P Magazine Guest Article: Mitigating Casing Failure Problems
01/28/2014 Securities Litigation Year in Review 2013
01/27/2014 EL GIRO DEL CASO COMMISA: Un juez federal de Nueva York desconoció la sentencia de un Tribunal Mexicano que anula un laudo
01/23/2014 Hart-Scott-Rodino Act: Annual Jurisdictional Thresholds Revisions
01/23/2014 Weathering the Storm: Fisker Delivers a "Buyer Beware" Warning to Lenders and Purchasers of Secured Claims Seeking to Credit Bid
01/21/2014 False Claims Act Year in Review 2013
01/21/2014 Labor and Employment Law and Social Media: 2013 in Review and a Look Ahead to 2014
01/21/2014 Texas Supreme Court Limits the Scope of the Contractual Liability Exclusion
01/16/2014 El Reglamento ADR de la CCI será remplazado por el nuevo Reglamento de Mediación de la CCI
01/14/2014 Media and Entertainment Law Newsletter, January 2014
01/13/2014 H-1Bs: It’s Almost Open Hunting Season for the 2015 Fiscal Year
01/13/2014 Human Resource Executive Online Guest Article: Drawing the Line on Social Media
01/13/2014 Pitfalls Await Plaintiffs Who Do Not Think Through Trade Secret Theft Claims under the Texas Theft Liability Act
01/13/2014 Proper Conditional Certification Standard Still Uncertain Despite Fifth Circuit’s Implicit Approval of Two-Step Approach
01/10/2014 HR Magazine Guest Article: Protect Against Derivative ERISA Claims
01/08/2014 Dallas Bar Association Guest Article: Protecting Owners Against Lien Affidavits
01/07/2014 Federal Update
01/03/2014 Final FFIEC Guidance - "Social Media: Consumer Compliance Risk Management Guidance"
01/01/2014 2013 Year in Review: Antitrust and Business Litigation
12/20/2013 Law360 Guest Article: Physician-Owned Entities Still Under Federal Microscope
12/19/2013 Prosecutors Obtain First RICO Conviction in a Cybercrime Case
12/18/2013 Historic Mexico Energy Reform Opens Opportunities for Domestic and Foreign Companies in the Oil and Gas and Power Industries
12/17/2013 American College of Environmental Lawyers Guest Article: Has the Standard for Performing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Changed? Yes and No
12/16/2013 The IP Beacon, December 2013
12/13/2013 American College of Environmental Lawyers Guest Article: Temporary Contamination – Ain’t That a Non-Compensable Shame?
12/12/2013 Media and Entertainment Law Newsletter, December 2013
12/11/2013 Dodd-Frank Update: Cross-Border Application
12/11/2013 Law360 Guest Article: When Hacking an Email Account Doesn't Violate the SCA
12/09/2013 Fort Worth Business Press Guest Article: Social Media Employment Law Evolving
12/09/2013 Physician-Owned Entities Will Continue to Garner Government Attention
12/04/2013 Las Nuevas Reglas de Arbitraje de la AAA permiten la Revisión Opcional de los Laudos Arbitrales
12/04/2013 SEC Issues Proposed Crowdfunding Rules
12/03/2013 Bloomberg Law Guest Article: Delisting and Deregistration Revisited:Considerations for U.S. Listed Foreign Private Issuers After the JOBS Act
11/26/2013 American Bar Association Landslide Guest Article: PTAB Rearranging the Face of Patent Litigation
11/25/2013 Has the Standard for Performing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Changed? Yes and No
11/20/2013 Weathering the Storm: Buyer Beware: Third Circuit’s Decision in In re KB Toys Highlights Potential Pitfalls for Purchasers of Claims from Claimants with Preference or Other Avoidance Exposure
11/20/2013 Year End Planning Tip: 3.8% Surtax on Investment Income
11/18/2013 Law360 Guest Article: Is Your Insurance Policy’s Limitations Clause Enforceable?
11/14/2013 A Cautionary Tale: Use of B-1 Business Visitor Visas by Employees
11/13/2013 Capital Commitment Financing: How it Works
11/11/2013 Austin Business Journal Guest Article: Biz Experts: Make Sure You're the Master of Your Domain
11/08/2013 Top Trends in Insurance Law
11/07/2013 IFLR Guest Article: Private Investment Funds’ New Fatca Considerations
11/05/2013 Whistleblowing Lawyer Violated Ethical Obligations in Bringing False Claims Act Suit against Former Client, Second Circuit Holds
11/05/2013 Why No Employers Should ‘Like’ the Constitutional Protection of the Facebook ‘Like’
11/04/2013 Practical Law Guest Article: Emergency and Business Continuity Planning Checklist
10/31/2013 Law360 Guest Article: How to Support Atty Fee Claims in Texas
10/31/2013 The Next Disruptive Wave
10/30/2013 Texas Supreme Court Reaffirms All Sums Allocation Approach for Continuous Losses
10/29/2013 Trademark Owners – Protect Yourselves NOW as the New gTLDs Are Finally Launching
10/25/2013 Law360 Guest Article: More Proof Of Texas Courts' Split On Certificate Of Merit
10/25/2013 Supreme Court Considers the Scope of Federal Preclusion over Class Actions Relating to Securities
10/22/2013 Law360 Guest Article: Texas Courts Split On Certificate Of Merit
10/21/2013 Andy Weissman American Oil & Gas Reporter Guest Article: U.S. Natural Gas Industry Positioned for Dominant Role in Global LNG Markets
10/10/2013 A Form for All Directions: A.A.P.L.’s “New” 1989 Horizontal Well JOA
10/10/2013 The Government Shutdown: Can “Contingent Business Interruption” or “Civil Authority” Coverage Mitigate Business Losses?
10/09/2013 Rivard Report Guest Article: Satisfying Texans’ Thirst for Water
10/09/2013 SEC's $14 Million Award Highlights the Importance of Effectively Responding to Internal Whistleblower Reports
10/07/2013 Texas Lawyer Guest Article: Conundrums of Controlling-Shareholder Deals
10/03/2013 Law360 Guest Article: Choose Your Friends — And Privacy Settings — Wisely
10/02/2013 Fifth Circuit Expansion of Cyber Liability?
10/02/2013 TCEQ Audit Guidance Updated to Reflect Legislative Changes Authorizing Use by Prospective Purchasers
10/01/2013 Federal Update
10/01/2013 SEC Issues Proposed Rule for CEO Pay Ratio Disclosure
09/30/2013 CPI Antitrust Chronicle Guest Article: FTC v. Actavis: Has the Dust Really Settled?
09/30/2013 The IP Beacon, September 2013
09/25/2013 Third Circuit Raises the Bar on the Ascertainability Requirement in Class Litigation
09/25/2013 Update: OFCCP’s New Rules Become Effective March 24, 2014
09/24/2013 Propuesta de Reformas Fiscales para el año 2014
09/23/2013 Reglas de Carácter General en Materia de Comercio Exterior para 2013
09/17/2013 Law360 Guest Article: Deepwater Horizon is Not Over Yet
09/17/2013 OFCCP’s Updated Compliance Manual and New Rules Signal Increased Burdens for Federal Contractors
09/16/2013 Reminder to File Gift (and GST) Tax Returns by October 15, 2013
09/13/2013 Law360 Guest Article: Employers May Face New Silica Rules When the Dust Settles
09/12/2013 IP Today Guest Article: Inter Partes Review: How is it Going So Far?
09/10/2013 Fifth Circuit Civil Appellate Update
09/05/2013 Law360 Guest Article: USPTO's Final Rejection Of A Patent Isn't So Final
09/04/2013 Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Certifies Deepwater Horizon “Additional Insured” Issues To The Texas Supreme Court
09/03/2013 The Demise of DOMA’s Core: Employer Response Avenues in the Wake of Windsor
08/28/2013 OSHA Releases New Proposed Silica Rule
08/27/2013 Appellate Issues Guest Article: Presenting Your First Oral Argument
08/26/2013 Media and Entertainment Practice Group
08/19/2013 Law360 Guest Article: GoDaddy Cybersquatting Case May Affect Parked Web Pages
08/16/2013 Bloomberg BNA Corporate Accountability Report Guest Article: A Policyholder’s Guide to Insurance Coverage for ‘‘Cyber’’ Events (Part II)
08/15/2013 Brazil's Historic First Pre-Salt Bidding Round (Webinar)
08/15/2013 Houston Business Journal Guest Article: Are You Afraid of the False Claims Act? You Should Be
08/15/2013 White House Reports on Recommended Incentives for Adopting Cybersecurity Framework
08/14/2013 The Fifth Circuit Affirms the Derivative Nature of Dilution Claims and Lack of Minority Shareholder Oppression under Delaware Law
08/10/2013 Due Diligence Issues in Project Acquisitions
08/09/2013 Bloomberg BNA Corporate Accountability Report Guest Article: A Policyholder’s Guide to Insurance Coverage for ‘‘Cyber’’ Events (Part I)
08/09/2013 Private Equity Investment Funds can now have Pension Liability for the Obligations of Portfolio Companies
08/08/2013 Texas Tech Law Review Guest Article: Employment Law
08/06/2013 D.C. Circuit Upholds SEC Conflict Minerals Disclosure Rule
08/05/2013 Eficacia de la Medidas Cautelares en el Arbitraje
07/31/2013 ABA Business Torts Litigation newsletter Guest Article: Justifiable Reliance Standards Differ Across States
07/31/2013 Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Addresses Insurers’ Claims to Enforce Indemnity Rights in an Insured’s MSA
07/30/2013 Law360 Guest Article: A Trifecta of 1st-Amendment Advances in Texas
07/26/2013 No Written Description for Claim to Species Based on Generic Disclosure Says the Federal Circuit
07/26/2013 Taming the Wild West of Big Data: The Social Norms and Laws of Social Data
07/22/2013 Bloomberg Law Guest Article: Everyday Attorney-Client Privilege and Work-Product Ethics for Labor, Employment, and Employee Benefits Attorneys
07/18/2013 D.C. Circuit Vacates SEC Resource Extraction Rule
07/17/2013 Daily Journal Guest Article: Mid-Year Review of Wage and Hour Trends in 2013
07/17/2013 Seventh Circuit Extends New Value Plan Protections to Insider Context
07/19/2013 Huffington Post Guest Article: Putting Your Power to Work: 500 Years of Advice for Today's Woman
07/16/2013 Rule 506 Revolution: The SEC Adopts Significant Amendments to the Rules Regarding Private Offerings of Securities
07/16/2013 SEC Lifts the General Solicitation Ban in Certain Private Offerings: Key Considerations for Private Fund Managers
07/11/2013 Just Released: OSHA’s Current Regulatory Priorities
07/11/2013 Texas Passes New Laws Designed to Crack Down on Medicaid Fraud
07/09/2013 Delaware Bankruptcy Court Declines to Designate Votes of Parties
07/09/2013 FTC Makes Changes to Withdrawal and Resubmission Process for HSR Filings
07/09/2013 The United States Supreme Court Further Cements the Enforceability of Class Action Waivers in Arbitration Agreements
07/03/2013 Law360 Guest Article: Kim Dotcom May Be Shooting Himself In The Foot
07/03/2013 New OSHA National Emphasis Program on Isocyanates
07/03/2013 Texas Lawyer Guest Article: Four Key Issues in Cloud Storage
07/02/2013 June 24, 2013: A Good Day for Employers Defending Against Title VII Claims - The U.S. Supreme Court Issues Two Significant Victories
07/02/2013 The Recorder Guest Article: In Practice: Judges Want Damages Early
07/01/2013 Latin American Law & Business Report Guest Article: Re-Opening the Genie's Bottle - The Peruvian Oil and Gas Market
07/01/2013 The Infrastructure and Real Estate Trust in Mexico (FIBRA)
06/28/2013 Law360 Guest Article: Fracking — There's Coverage For That
06/28/2013 Method Claims Invalid for Lack of Enablement: The Federal Circuit’s Recent Decision in Wyeth and Cordis Corp. v. Abbott Laboratories
06/27/2013 Haynes and Boone Diversity Programs
06/27/2013 Recent Case Highlights Practical Considerations for Creating an Enforceable Teaming Agreement
06/27/2013 Rule 50 and Purely Legal Arguments: A Circuit Split
06/26/2013 Trends in Oil and Gas Financing
06/25/2013 New Texas Law Limits Liability for Employers Hiring Applicants with Criminal Backgrounds
06/24/2013 Texas Authorizes Domestic Pure Captive Insurance Companies
06/21/2013 Anti-SLAPP Update: Texas' Citizen Participation Act Gets Stronger
06/21/2013 Protecting User Data in Light of the FTC’s Recent Privacy Enforcement Actions
06/21/2013 Social Media Accounts and Ownership Rights
06/21/2013 Texas Adopts the Defamation Mitigation Act
06/20/2013 Implications for Personalized Medicine after Myriad
06/19/2013 Cyber Liability & Loss: Practical Tips on Preparing for and Responding to a Cyber Security Breach
06/18/2013 Journal of the Texas Supreme Court Historical Society Guest Article: An Interview with Justice John Devine
06/18/2013 Not a Biotech Company? What Myriad Might Mean For You
06/17/2013 What Elephant? Supreme Court Downplays Inquiry into Patent Strength in Hatch-Waxman Settlements
06/14/2013 Oxford Health Plans LLC v. Sutter: Supreme Court Defers to Arbitrator’s Interpretation that Contract Authorized Class Arbitration
06/12/2013 Has Another Wave of “Say-On-Pay” Litigation Come to an End?
06/11/2013 Efectos de la Nueva Ley de Amparo en el Arbitraje Comercial
06/10/2013 First Circuit Holds Rule 9(b) Does Not Apply to the FCA’s First-To-File Rule
06/06/2013 Law360 Guest Article: Infringement Liability May Exist For Foreign Manufacturers
06/05/2013 The IP Beacon, June 2013
06/01/2013 New Laws Protecting Texas Newsrooms
05/28/2013 Compensation Committee and Compensation Committee Advisers Listing Standards
05/28/2013 Tornado Insurance Claims: A Seven-Point Checklist for Commercial Property Policyholders
05/23/2013 Keys To Equity Financing: The Compliance Requirements for Lenders and Borrowers
05/23/2013 Monsanto Rounds Up Big Win for Self-Replicating Tech
05/21/2013 Fifth Circuit Civil Appellate Update
05/16/2013 Nuggets in the Ashes: A Few Guideposts Unearthed from CLS Bank v. Alice Corporation
05/16/2013 Recent Litigation and Court Cases Affecting the Oil and Gas Upstream Business
05/15/2013 $39 Million Jury Verdict in False Claims Act Suit against Tuomey Healthcare
05/15/2013 Diversity Highlights (2012)
05/15/2013 Dodd-Frank Update: CFTC ISO/RTO Exemptive Order
05/13/2013 Latin American Law & Business Report Guest Article: Re-Opening the Genie’s Bottle - What’s in Store for Latin American Energy in 2013: Focus on Brazil
05/13/2013 Law360 Guest Article: The Who, What And Why Of Public-Private Partnerships
05/10/2013 Dallas Business Journal Guest Article: Cyber Attacks Pose Serious Threat. Be Prepared.
05/10/2013 Dodd-Frank Update: CFTC Inter-Affiliate Swap Clearing Exemption
05/06/2013 The Texas Supreme Court Task Force on International Law Practice: Making Texas More Competitive in International Law
05/06/2013 Top Ten Tips for Purchasing and Negotiating Representations and Warranty Insurance
05/02/2013 Managing IP Guest Article: Don't Be Left Standing at the Courtroom Door
05/02/2013 OSHA Wants to Know: Are You Keeping Your Temporary Workers Safe?
05/01/2013 Pre-Hire Issues: A First Date From the Perspective of an Employer
04/30/2013 Comment devenir avocat aux Etats-Unis
04/30/2013 Les avocats aux Etats-Unis
04/29/2013 Lessons Learned from Otis Elevator When Contesting OSHA Citations: Avoid Hypotheticals When Asserting the Infeasibility Defense
04/25/2013 California Man Convicted of Hacking into Former Employer’s Computer Network
04/24/2013 U.S. Supreme Court Validates Offers of Judgment as a Defense to FLSA Collective Actions but Leaves More Uncertainty in its Wake
04/23/2013 SEC and DOJ Resolve Parallel FCPA Investigations through Dual Non-Prosecution Agreements
04/19/2013 OIG Releases Updated Self-Disclosure Protocol
04/17/2013 California Computer Hacking Case Highlights Important Circuit Split on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
04/12/2013 DealThink: Environmental Due Diligence: How Much Diligence is Due?
04/11/2013 31st Annual Review of Developments in Business Financing - Developments and Trends in Oil and Gas Financings 2013
04/11/2013 Delaware Supreme Court Holds That Chancery Court Should Have Given Preclusive Effect to California Judgment Dismissing Complaint for Failing to Plead Demand Futility
04/11/2013 European Data Protection Directive and Safe Harbor
04/11/2013 Weathering the Storm: Seventh Circuit Expands Application of Federal Standard for Successor Liability to FLSA
04/09/2013 Dallas Association of Young Lawyers Dicta Guest Article: Understanding Cyber Risks
04/09/2013 Immigration Law Update for Employers: New I-9 Form and I-94 Entry Procedures
04/09/2013 Transfers in 2012 and Future Years
04/08/2013 Nueva Ley de Amparo / The New Amparo Law
04/05/2013 29th Annual Litigation Update Institute Course Book Guest Article: Energy Law Update
04/05/2013 SEC Clarifies the Application of Regulation FD to Social Media Disclosures
04/04/2013 Subject Matter Support in Design Continuation Applications: In re Owens Decision Provides New Guidance
04/03/2013 Intellectual Property Today Guest Article: U.S. Supreme Court Says ''Enough, Already'' -- Nike's Broad Covenant Not To Sue Mooted Its Competitor's Cancellation Counterclaim
04/03/2013 Update on Dodd-Frank Requirements for Swap Guarantees
04/02/2013 HR Magazine Guest Article: Is Your Unpaid Internship Program Lawful?
04/02/2013 Law360 Guest Article: New Facebook Notification: 'You've Been Served'
04/02/2013 U.S. Solicits Public Comments on Negotiating Objectives for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
04/01/2013 Bankruptcy Appeals
04/01/2013 Comcast Corp. v. Behrend: Supreme Court Rejects Expert Damages Model as Insufficient for Class Certification in Antitrust Class Action
03/27/2013 Banking Law Journal Guest Article: A Look at Proposed FFIEC Guidance: "Social Media: Consumer Compliance Risk Management Guidance"
03/27/2013 Seventh Circuit Clarifies How to Treble Damages under the FCA
03/26/2013 Bloomberg BNA Banking Report Guest Article: Treatment Of Hybrid Accounts Under Articles 8 and 9 of the UCC
03/22/2013 Federal Circuit Appeals From the PTAB: A New Game or Just the Same Old Practice?
03/20/2013 Mexico Energy Opportunities: The Next Six Years
03/19/2013 Oil Field Health and Safety Issues: Common Problems and Innovative Solutions
03/14/2013 ACOEL Blog Post: Less Lessee Liability - A Critique of EPA’s New Superfund BFPP Guidance
03/14/2013 Cyber Attacks are the Number One Threat to National Security
03/14/2013 U.S. Actions Demonstrate that National Security Concerns Are a Risk, But Not a Certain Roadblock, to Chinese Investments: Good Advice, Careful Planning and Smart Execution Are Critical
03/12/2013 Public Companies Increasingly Disclosing Cybersecurity Risks
03/07/2013 Fifth Circuit Civil Appellate Update
03/07/2013 The 2012 Amendments to the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure: An Overview of the Changes and What They Mean for Appellate Practitioners
03/07/2013 Weathering the Storm: Fifth Circuit Permits Artificial Impairment of Unsecured Trade Creditors to Cram Down Plan Acceptance on Secured Lender
03/06/2013 Determining the Scope of “Additional Insured” Coverage: Fifth Circuit Issues New Decision in Deepwater Horizon Coverage Litigation
03/06/2013 Electric Light & Power Guest Article: Shale is Permanently Changing U.S. Electricity Markets
03/06/2013 Texas Executive Convicted of Hacking Former Employer’s Computer Network
03/05/2013 Haynes and Boone in Brazil
03/04/2013 Amgen Inc. v. Connecticut Retirement Plans & Trust Funds: Supreme Court Rejects Proof of Materiality at the Class Certification Stage
03/04/2013 Jury Awards $28 Million in False Claims Act Suit against Nursing Home
02/28/2013 ABA Business Law Section Newsletter Guest Article: Master the Art of Email
02/28/2013 Supreme Court Limits Government’s Ability to Seek Civil Penalties on Stale Claims
02/26/2013 Selected Domestic Developments
02/25/2013 Insurance Coverage for Cyber Attacks
02/22/2013 Dallas Business Journal Guest Article: Health Care Reform: The 12 Step Guide
02/21/2013 Credit Agreement Guarantees and Similar Agreements May Require Amendments to Remain Dodd-Frank Compliant
02/19/2013 New Texas State Court Rules Become Effective March 1, 2013
02/19/2013 President Obama Signs Cybersecurity Executive Order
02/18/2013 NLRB Roundup: A Year in Review, and a Look Ahead
02/14/2013 A Look at Proposed FFIEC Guidance: “Social Media: Consumer Compliance Risk Management Guidance”
02/14/2013 Oil & Gas Monitor Guest Article: The Top Six Issues and Opportunities Facing the Oil and Gas Industry in 2013
02/13/2013 The Infrastructure and Real Estate Trust in Mexico (FIBRA)
02/13/2013 Weathering the Storm: Delaware Bankruptcy Court Declines to Designate Votes of Parties to a Post-Petition Restructuring Support Agreement
02/12/2013 Brazil Announces 11th Oil and Gas Bid Round
02/08/2013 Terry W. Conner, managing partner, Texas Bar Journal Guest Article: Evolution of Law Firm Retirement Policies
02/06/2013 H-1Bs for the 2014 Fiscal Year: Time is of the Essence
02/06/2013 U.S. Supreme Court Says “Enough, Already” - Nike’s Broad Covenant Not to Sue Mooted Its Competitor’s Cancellation Counterclaim
01/31/2013 "Billions" Paid to Landowners in Natural-Gas Royalties
01/31/2013 PCAOB Auditing Standard No. 16 Outlines Requirements for Communications between Audit Committees and Auditors