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Liar, Liar, Pants of Fire - The Use of Expert Witnesses in Bankruptcy Litigation
Robin E. Phelan

The following issues are addressed:

  • Role of an Expert Witness
  • Finding the Right Expert Witness
  • Where do Experts Come From?
  • Valuation Experts
  • Pre Trial Considerations
  • Trial Preparation
  • Accrediting the Expert Witness
  • Explaining Work Performed by Expert
  • Protecting Your Expert
  • Audience Attention Span
  • Direct Examination
  • Cross-Examination
  • Controlling Costs
  • Automatic Stay/Adequate Protection/ Debtor in Possession Financing - Example
  • Sale of Assets/Business Segments - Example
  • Fraudulent Conveyances/Preferences - Examples
  • Plan Confirmation Process - Example
  • Settlement and Comprimise - Example

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