11/07/2012 Investment Funds Not Liable for Portfolio Company’s Multiemployer Pension Plan Withdrawal Liability
12/01/2011 Tax Benefits and Allocation Issues in Rollovers to Roth IRAs
11/15/2011 Law360 Guest Article: Executory Contracts With Multiple Personalities
10/04/2011 Proposed Legislation Alters Amount of Federal Contractor Pay Reimbursed by Government
07/11/2011 Agencies Release Interim Final Regulations and Additional Guidance on Health Plan Claims and Appeals Requirements under Health Reform
07/06/2011 The U.S. Supreme Court Addresses Application of the Fiduciary Exception to the Attorney-Client Privilege in the Trust Context
06/23/2011 Beware of the Claw: Implementing Mandatory Clawback Provisions in Executive Employment Agreements Under the Dodd-Frank Act
05/24/2011 Supreme Court Says SPD Terms Not Enforceable as Plan Terms – But Leaves Door Open for Other Remedies
04/19/2011 Seventh Circuit Provides Defined Contribution Plan Fiduciaries with Guidance on Prudence and a Reason to Pause
02/08/2011 Final Participant Fee Disclosure Regulations
05/24/2010 Health Reform: 2011 Design Considerations
05/06/2010 Employers May Offer Coverage of Children up to Age 26 Now
04/08/2010 Healthcare Reform: What You Need to Do Now and in the Future
03/19/2010 New Model Notices Reflect Latest Extension of COBRA Subsidy
02/04/2010 Deadline for Compliance with the HITECH Act Approaching
01/19/2010 Model Notices and Additional Guidance Issued on COBRA Subsidy Extension
01/13/2010 IRS Issues 409A Document Correction Program: Immediate Action May Be Needed
12/29/2009 COBRA Subsidy Extended - Prompt Action Required (Updated)
12/07/2009 There's Still Time! Correct Code Section 409A Violations By December 31, 2009
11/09/2009 Can We Have That in Writing? Clear Reservation-of-Rights Saves Company from ERISA Class Action Over Change in Retiree Benefits
11/06/2009 Practical Considerations for Making Global Equity Grants
10/13/2009 IRS Issues Final Regulations on Defined Benefit Plan Funding Requirements and Benefit Restrictions
09/29/2009 Global Issues Receiving Increasing Attention By IRS, Benefit Practitioners, Speakers Say
06/19/2009 Weathering the Storm: Options to Remove Liabilities for High Retiree Medical Costs from a Company’s Balance Sheet: VEBAs
05/27/2009 Weathering the Storm: Retiree Benefits and Section 1114
05/20/2009 Deadline for Complying with Medicare Secondary Payer Reporting Rules Approaching
04/30/2009 Weathering the Storm: Recent Decision Creates Additional Cash Requirements to Reorganize
6/24/2008 Deadline for Compliance with 409A