Intellectual Property

Our goal is to help you realize and protect the value invested in the development of products and brands. We help companies of all sizes ensure they have proper intellectual property protection.

What Sets the Haynes and Boone IP Practice Apart

The Haynes and Boone approach to intellectual property protection is to provide our clients with an all encompassing solution to protecting tangible assets and highly visible brands. All of our intellectual property attorneys treat their client’s problem as unique and realize that in patent and trademark protection, there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" approach. Every company’s technology is different and every brand is unique.

All patent attorneys should have technical backgrounds and ours do; however, we go a step further than most firms as more than half of our lawyers worked as engineers, software programmers or in a technical sales capacity prior to becoming patent attorneys. This means that our lawyers not only understand the complex legal aspects of intellectual property law but also the business roles that innovators play in leading companies.

Our trademark attorneys are all adept at managing the largest trademark portfolios and well versed at addressing the dynamism in trademark and copyright law created by the Internet.

The outsourcing and technology transactions attorneys also bring technical experience to an area often overlooked by non-IP attorneys.  We pay special attention to the IP and technology issues associated with innovative business process outsourcing transactions.

How the Haynes and Boone IP Practice Can Help You

Clients get a tightly integrated efficient group of IP attorneys with Haynes and Boone. Our goal is to provide each and every client with exceptional and efficient service, an unparalleled understanding of the law and the knowledge and advice of a trusted business advisor.


Over the past 5 years the firm filed more than 5,000 United States patent applications in a variety of technologies including medical devices, semiconductors, nanotechnology, oil well technology, wireless technology, software and telecommunications networking equipment – to name just a few. The benefit of our patent practice to the client is the goals we establish before drafting each patent. We focus on writing solid claims and the ideas that you, the client, are trying to protect with each and every patent. Should a patent we prosecute ever end up in a dispute we want you to have the strongest protection possible.


The trademark attorneys at Haynes and Boone work closely with in-house lawyers and marketing personnel to design carefully crafted brand protection strategies. Our lawyers are experienced in counseling companies on the best strategies to protect their trademarks on a worldwide basis. Additionally, we help in pre-launch clearance and trade dress issues. Not only can they help protect trademarks before the USPTO, our lawyers work to protect trademarks on the Internet. We have handled hundreds of domain name disputes as well as keyword advertising claims and other instances of trademark abuse on the Internet.

Technology Transactions

Our technology transactions lawyers address the intersection of technology and contracting. In many technology transactions the transfer of knowledge involves agreements that include patents, copyrights and software. Our lawyers in this area work on licensing agreements to complex business process outsourcing arrangements.


The IP attorneys at Haynes and Boone routinely provide strategic counseling and management for international clients looking to secure intellectual property rights in the United States. Our attorneys understand the most optimal structures and procedures for protecting such intellectual property rights.

Industry Focus

Our lawyers provide value by knowing their client’s industry. We want to visit your facilities, talk to your innovators and see your ideas in action. We feel these types of experiences allow us to write better patents, draft better trademark applications and create better technology contracting arrangements. Our lawyers wrote some of the early patents involving nanotechnology and MEMS. We have other lawyers who are active in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields who understand ANDA filings and chemical compounds. We also work with software, including the open source model. No matter what industry you are in, we have lawyers who understand it and will work hard to make sure that they understand how your technology fits into the bigger picture.