10/11/2012 NYSE and NASDAQ Issue Proposed Rules on Compensation Committee Independence Standards
09/13/2012 SEC Requires New Disclosures by Resource Extraction Issuers
09/07/2012 People Got to be Free (to Advertise): Proposed Rules to Permit Advertising in Rule 506 Offerings
06/28/2012 SEC Directs National Exchanges to Adopt Listing Standards for Compensation Committees and Compensation Advisers and Updates Compensation Consultant Disclosure Requirements
05/07/2012 The JOBS Act: The New “Crowdfunding” Exemption
04/05/2012 An Overview of the New JOBS Act
09/09/2011 SEC Abandons Fight on Shareholder Proxy Access Rule
07/21/2011 SEC Adopts Exemptions from Investment Adviser Registration
07/14/2011 SEC Adopts Final Rules Implementing Amendments to the Advisers Act
07/11/2011 Important Changes to HSR Act Reporting Requirements
07/07/2011 SEC Adopts Definition of Family Office
06/23/2011 SEC Extends Investment Adviser Registration Deadline and Adopts Final Rules
06/07/2011 SEC Implements Whistleblower Bounty Program and Protections: Implications for Companies
05/19/2011 SEC Announces First-Ever Deferred Prosecution Agreement
05/13/2011 FTC Premerger Notification Office Revised Position on the Use of Escrows
05/09/2011 SEC Needs more than Transaction-Based Compensation to Prove Broker Activity
03/03/2011 SEC Enforcement: Spotlighting Outside Directors
02/24/2011 SEC Proposes Private Fund Systemic Risk Reporting on New Form PF
02/07/2011 SEC's Regulation FD Enforcement Actions Bring Compliance Lessons to Light
02/03/2011 SEC Adopts Rules for Say-on-Pay and Golden Parachute Compensation Under Dodd-Frank Act
01/27/2011 Exemptions From Investment Adviser Registration: The SEC’s Proposed New Rules
12/28/2010 SEC Proposes New Disclosure and Reporting Requirements for Investment Advisers
12/22/2010 SEC Enters First Ever Non-Prosecution Agreement With a Cooperating Company
11/30/2010 Insurance Coverage for Insider Trading Claims
08/04/2010 The Impact of Dodd-Frank on Public Companies
03/03/2010 Guide to SEC Reporting Changes (Revised)
02/23/2010 FTC Lowers HSR Notification Thresholds for 2010
02/18/2010 Texas Business Organizations Code Now Applicable to All Entities
02/02/2010 SEC to Clarify Climate Change Disclosure Obligations
02/01/2010 Coming to Terms
01/25/2010 A New Era of Cooperation at the SEC
12/29/2009 SEC Amends Disclosure Rules for Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance
11/12/2009 SEC to Allow More Shareholder Proposals Related to Risk Management and CEO Succession Planning
11/02/2009 Additional Extension of Compliance Date of Auditor Attestation Requirement for Non-Accelerated Filers
07/28/2009 SEC Approves NYSE Amendments to Eliminate Broker Discretionary Voting in Uncontested Director Elections