Crisis Management

Our Crisis Management Team is experienced in dealing with crises, including in “bet the company/bank” situations. The ability to respond to a crisis (whether it be a public disclosure violation, a significant adverse judgment, a corporate scandal, a financial misstatement or a governmental investigation, enforcement action or criminal indictment - just to name a few) requires a unique skill set and the ability to bring quick action as well as a deep, highly experienced and well coordinated team towards resolution. Our lawyers work with the management and board of directors (and any other outside advisors) to respond and execute strategies that effectively deal with the impact that the crisis may have on the company, its employees and its ongoing business. We work to bring order out of the chaos that can result.

Haynes and Boone has a multidisciplinary approach to serving the needs of our clients when dealing with a crisis. Our services are tailored to the complexities and uncertainties of the crisis. We develop a coordinated and strategic plan that addresses the legal, financial, business and public relations exposure.

The importance of responding to and addressing a crisis quickly has become even more important with the expansion of technology, social media and the relentless 24/7 public search for bad financial news. Haynes and Boone has the experience to assist companies balancing the merits of the crisis with the sometimes unwanted public attention. We understand how to deal with disclosure issues and how to communicate effectively and in a manner that brings a consistent message.

We are more than just problem solvers. Our clients look to us to provide ongoing advice and counsel to help them avoid a crisis. We know how to spot potential issues and how to minimize risk. Through our close relationships with our clients, we are able to create and maintain corporate compliance programs that help prevent problems and issues from developing. In the event of a sudden crisis we work with our clients to establish crisis teams and protocols.