Supply Chain Management

Efficient and effective supply chain management delivers on the promise of high quality products and excellent customer service and is a significant factor in gaining a competitive advantage. Supply chain management has evolved to include strategic partnership arrangements with suppliers and service providers all along the supply chain. Every step in the supply chain is important, and failure at any step - be it of strategy, documentation or performance - can adversely impact business objectives.

Most companies now recognize that a strong supply chain is one of the most important factors in achieving increased profitability and shareholder value. Supply chain management is enhanced when viewed through the spectrum of legal issues critical to a successful supply chain operation, resulting in improvement of the company’s bottom line. Our Supply Chain Management Practice focuses on effective legal solutions that can improve supply chain management and foster productive relationships among a company and its suppliers, licensees, distributors and logistics providers. Effective supply chain management controls costs and improves the enforcement of company standards and key performance indicators.

The Supply Chain Management Practice is comprised of a focused group of professionals with decades of experience in designing effective supply chain legal solutions. A cross-disciplinary team provides focused attention on the entire supply chain and provides experience to guide the formation and implementation of an effective supply chain strategy, including: franchise systems; distribution methods; third party logistics arrangements; export controls and trade compliance; import relief; cross-border transactions; public procurement; information technology and business process outsourcing; intellectual property; and business structuring and tax planning.

Global supply chain management is fundamentally rooted in strong, clear and enforceable contractual relationships, from the acquisition of raw materials to consumer and end user sales. Global supply chain management includes research, the development and protection of technology and intellectual property, as well as strong purchasing, transportation, logistics, financing and risk management. Our Supply Chain Management team helps companies work through important supply chain issues, such as:

  • Visibility - sharing sensitive data along the supply chain while maintaining an adequate level of protection
  • Technology Implementation - sharing proprietary software applications while protecting valuable intellectual property rights
  • Resilience - developing policies and procedures to minimize the effects of supply chain disruption
  • Risk Management - forecasting and mitigating the risks of disruption and allocating liability among responsible parties

Our experience in supply chain management includes: Counseling foreign and U.S. companies with regard to the legal, tax and political analysis of locating headquarters, manufacturing facilities, licensing facilities and distribution facilities.

  • Negotiating vendor and customer contracts on behalf of major manufacturing companies, including wireless and telecommunications equipment, home furnishings and textiles.
  • Negotiating long-term third party logistics provider agreements for warehousing and the distribution and delivery of goods on a global and national basis.
  • Negotiating, structuring and closing acquisitions and other strategic transactions involving the assets of warehouse, distribution, transportation and delivery businesses.
  • Structuring and negotiating the formation of purchasing cooperatives and other strategic buying groups.
  • Efficiently and effectively settling and resolving disputes between outsourcing companies and third party logistics providers and customers.

We create effective solutions that utilize strategic steps to improve supply chain management.

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