Europe, Middle East and Africa

Europe continues to be central to world commerce and finance, while the Middle East and Africa are in the midst of unprecedented economic and political development. Haynes and Boone lawyers provide legal and policy guidance to investment institutions and private business clients throughout the area. We work with highly qualified local firms in multiple countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Haynes and Boone leverages its local law skills, extensive regional experience and deep understanding of international law and policy to offer our clients practical legal, business and risk-management advice.

Our primary experience is in the areas of energy, mergers and acquisitions, project development and finance, where we have acted as project sponsor, lender counsel and project counsel for major institutions throughout the region.

International Arbitration

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Limiting the Cost of Electronic Disclosure

Disclosure is an essential part of litigation and arbitration under English law as it usually provides both parties with access to the contemporaneous documents which support or adversely affect a party’s case. The exponential growth in recent years of the number of electronic documents created during the course of a project has increased the size and, as a result, the cost of the disclosure exercise. Technology has developed to assist with the disclosure exercise, and a decision in the High Court in 2016 has approved the use of such technology thereby providing parties with ways to limit the cost of electronic disclosure.

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