Anti-SLAPP and First Amendment Rights

Haynes and Boone, LLP has extensive experience in bringing anti-SLAPP motions in state and federal court. We have been instrumental in the passage of the Texas anti-SLAPP statute, have worked with several other states in amending existing statutes, and have been involved in efforts to get federal legislation passed. Our experience gives us the ability to defend against SLAPP suits in states like Texas, California and New York, in Washington, D.C., and in federal court.

The Anti-SLAPP and First Amendment Rights Practice Group includes several seasoned First Amendment, intellectual property, and social media lawyers who understand the unique aspects of SLAPP litigation. SLAPP matters always arise out of content, which is what our group has experience in protecting. SLAPP cases can arise in a large array of disputes involving the right to free speech and press, the right to petition, and the right of association. Because SLAPP suits may involve a myriad of claims including defamation, tortious interference, abuse of process, breach of contract, employment disputes, and more, it is important to have the experience of those who have a deep understanding of SLAPP statutes to assist in defending against SLAPP suits.



Jason Bloom, Nina Cortell and Alicia Calzada

Haynes and Boone Obtains Anti-SLAPP Reversal From Texas Supreme Court

In a significant opinion, the Texas Supreme Court on February 24 held the Texas Citizen’s Participation Act applicable to internal company speech concerning safety and environmental protection measures.


Media and Entertainment

Media, Entertainment and First Amendment

This edition of the Media, Entertainment and First Amendment Newsletter discusses the California law that prohibits reporting actors’ ages, attorney-client privilege and missed deadlines under the TPIA, and setting the proper burden of proof for media defamation cases.


Laura Lee Prather

Haynes and Boone Partner Laura Prather Honored as Fellow of the Society of Professional Journalists

Haynes and Boone, LLP proudly congratulates Partner Laura Prather for being honored as a Fellow of the Society of Professional Journalists. It is the highest professional honor given by the Society and is awarded for extraordinary contributions to the profession.

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