A Special Kind of Law Firm

While every law firm believes culture is an important component of success, our culture is truly unique.  Our culture is defined by our collaborative work environment and by putting the interests of our clients first. It focuses on teamwork, an environment of mutual respect, and a long-term view that supports investing in the future and the success of Haynes and Boone as an outstanding professional service institution.

This focus on culture results in a demonstrably different day-to-day experience where:
  • Attorneys work together and focus on client and firm successes, not individual glory.
  • Internal competition is discouraged.
  • An unwavering "no jerks policy" results in healthy and productive interaction between attorneys and staff.

Although we often emphasize the "internal" aspects of our culture, the linchpin is outstanding client service and recognition that our internal operations must support the best interests of our clients. Therefore, in addition to the characteristics noted above, we emphasize the recruiting of self-motivated attorneys with outstanding work ethic and encourage communication and accountability to reinforce our strategic, client service and cultural goals. We continually focus on developing cutting-edge practices and clients, to create a working environment that provides the most interesting and challenging work experiences.

Our Mission
To be a preeminent law firm that serves clients globally on sophisticated legal matters while maintaining a special culture founded on teamwork, a healthy work environment, and a strong work ethic.