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Labor and Employment Issues in Bankruptcy, Chapter 12 of Collier Guide to Chapter 11: Key Topics and Selected Industries
Kenric D. Kattner

This chapter provides a detailed treatment of the significant labor and employment issues that arise in chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. The chapter is focused on assisting the practitioner in recognizing the multitude of labor and employment issues inherent in any chapter 11 process and how they have been treated and addressed by companies in chapter 11, creditors and the courts. The chapter is organized by initially outlining the priorities of employee claims and prebankruptcy planning issues; next, significant employee related substantive topics are discussed and finally, the chapter concludes by addressing employee issues in the context of resolution of the chapter 11 case through a sale transaction or plan confirmation.

Excerpted from chapter overview from Chapter 12: Labor and Employment Issues in Bankruptcy of Collier Guide to Chapter 11: Key Topics and Selected Industries. For more information or to purchase the publication, click here.