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Jason Habinsky in XpertHR: New York Employment State of Mind

From paid sick leave to pregnancy accommodations, medical marijuana and more, a host of new laws are affecting New York employers. New York City employment attorney Jason Habinsky, of Haynes and Boone, LLP, breaks down the latest developments. >>

Jason Habinsky in XpertHR: Supreme Court's New Term Filled with Cases Affecting Employers

The US Supreme Court's new term begins today and includes a number of cases with significant employment law implications. The top workplace issues the justices have decided to hear thus far relate to pregnancy accommodations, religious discrimination, administrative review and wage and hour issues. >>

Sam Lichtman in the International Business Times: Treasury's Inversion Rules Create Uncertain Environment for U.S. Multinational Companies

The Obama administration’s new rules intended to stem the tide of inversions, in which U.S. companies reincorporate abroad to dodge taxes at home, won't be completely effective because they don't address the high corporate tax rate in the U.S. that compels such behavior, say tax experts and analysts.

The rules announced late Monday will make it tougher for American companies to move their headquarters abroad on paper while maintaining U.S. operations and will reduce tax benefits to companies that have done so. Inversions have become more common in recent years, especially in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. >>

The home of Haynes and Boone's New York office, "30 Rock" is a historic art deco landmark, and is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

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Our first priority is excellent client service. At Haynes and Boone, we endeavor to understand your business needs, and to make your solutions our goal. We launched our New York office in 2004 in order to better serve our clients within various industries, including banking and finance, real estate, technology, aviation and energy and renewables, as well as to facilitate our cross-border work across Asia, Latin America and other global markets. Historically, lawyers across our firm have served the New York business and legal community for decades through their wide-ranging association with investment banks, financial institutions, investment funds and institutional clients.


Haynes and Boone’s New York office has been busy. We are the most actively expanding office of the firm’s 13 U.S. and international locations. We are now even better equipped to support our clients’ changing needs, even as national and global economies are being transformed. The dedication to this growth reflects the firm’s commitment to our clients in the capital markets, banking and other industries.

The attorneys of our New York office focus primarily in the finance, real estate (acquisitions, finance, joint ventures and leasing), bankruptcy/restructurings, corporate/securities and litigation practice areas. 


We are proud to announce that we have moved to two floors in the iconic 30 Rockefeller Plaza. This move demonstrates our dedication to growing our practice here in New York and our ongoing expansion.

Let’s move, together.