Andrew Weissman on NPR's Marketplace: Gasoline Prices Influence More than Price at the Pump


Haynes and Boone Senior Energy Advisor Andrew Weissman was interviewed on the latest trends in gasoline pricing by Scott Tong as part of American Public Radio's Marketplace program heard on more than 500 public radio stations:

Kai Ryssdal: There are few things that get American consumers more agitated than what they have to pay to drive around. For that reason I'm pleased to report that crude oil prices are off $20 or so from the beginning of the year -- a welcome relief for consumers and our wallets. Our wallets and purses are the inspiration behind Money Matters -- our regular series on consumer finance -- where today Marketplace's Scott Tong tells us what we might expect in our short-term driving future.

Scott Tong: Remember the silly straw? You sucked on the big curvy thing, and it took a little for the purple Kool-Aid to arrive? Same with gas prices. When crude oil prices fall, it takes a week or two to inch its way to the pump ...

So that's a kind of bright spot in a dark and stormy world economy. Some more sunshine: cheap gas lightens other bills. Andrew Weissman's an energy lawyer at Haynes and Boone. He says cheaper oil-based fertilizer makes for cheaper food. Plus...

Andrew Weissman: Transportation costs are a particularly significant factor in the tomatoes you buy at the grocery store, or almost any other food good.

Excerpted from American Public Radio's June 6, 2012 Marketplace program. To read the full transcript, click here. To listen to the audio, click here.

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