Andrew Weissman in Kansas City Star: As Sunflower Battle Goes to Court, Future of Coal Plant is Hazy


Today’s legal argument centers on a permit issued by the state to Sunflower Electric Power Corporation in 2010 to build an 895-megawatt coal plant. The Sierra Club says the plant would violate the federal Clean Air Act and pose a threat to human health...

Indeed, utilities this year have announced plans to close nine or 10 plants, bringing the number of closures to 120 since 2010, according to the Sierra Club. Since 2008, no utility has broken ground for a new coal plant.

“The world has changed,” said Andy Weissman, an attorney who represents the industry and a power and gas analyst. “There are very few changes this significant.

“It is understandable that (Sunflower) would not be quick to understand this. But this should not be a difficult decision.”

Excerpted from Kansas City Star, August 31, 2012. To view full article, click here.

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