The IP Beacon, May 2011


The IP Beacon is a Haynes and Boone Newsletter highlighting current issues in Intellectual Property Law. Articles featured in the May 2011 issue include:

When "Domain Name Disputes" Are Just Bogus Solicitations
If you are a brand owner and you have never received an alarming, if somewhat confusing, notification of a domain name dispute from a Chinese company you have never heard of, just wait. This article provides suggestions for dealing with these misleading solicitations intended to frighten your company into unnecessary expenditures.

Brand Protection is an App-solute Must

Mobile and Internet applications, or apps, are creating an increasingly significant impact on the global marketplace. This article discusses the trademark and copyright issues that apps raise and suggests some methods of addressing those issues. 

Top Five Hints for Making an Effective Dilution Claim
Here are five key points to help brand owners enforce and defend dilution claims based on rules and guidance being developed by court opinions under the Trademark Dilution Revision Act of 2006 ("TDRA"). 

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