09/17/2014 Micah Skidmore in Texas Lawbook: TX Supreme Court Hears BP, Transocean $500 million Dispute
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08/07/2014 Ron Breaux in Bloomberg BNA Electronic Commerce & Law Report: Russian Gang Hacks 1.2 Billion Passwords, U.S. Company Selling Security Services Says
08/05/2014 Kathleen Beasley in Compliance Week: Antitrust Enforcement Goes Global
07/30/2014 Susan Wetzel in FundFire: Hedge Funds Face Massive Tax Bill for Billions in Deferred Comp
07/25/2014 Haynes and Boone in the Texas Lawyer: $21.4 Million Merger Completed After Motion for Preliminary Injunction Denied
07/24/2014 Haynes and Boone in Law360: ETP Expected To Win More Than $500M In Pipeline Case
07/24/2014 Nina Cortell in the Texas Lawbook: Dallas Judge Awards ETP $500 Million in Enterprise Partnership Dispute
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07/03/2014 Haynes and Boone Mexico City Welcomes Three Corporate Finance and M&A Lawyers, and New Practice Area
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06/26/2014 Dean Schaner in Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits Daily: High Court Kills Presumption of Prudence, Gives Some Hope to ESOP Fiduciaries
06/26/2014 Dean Schaner in HR Magazine: High Court Rules No Presumption of Prudence for ESOP Fiduciaries
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