Haynes and Boone Sports and Entertainment Law Group


Haynes and Boone, LLP's Sports and Entertainment Law group in New York was created to leverage the extensive legal and business experience of our lawyers to service the unique needs of sports and entertainment celebrities and their agents. Our lawyers have represented a diverse group of entertainers and property brands, as well as athletes and related organizations in the sports of baseball, hockey, basketball and football. At Haynes and Boone, we understand the complex and highly-specialized business and legal issues that celebrities face. We also offer legal support to agents engaged in contract negotiations on behalf of celebrities.

Our experience and services include representation of celebrities, agents and other parties in the following areas:

  • licensing, sponsorship, appearances, marketing, memorabilia and merchandising; 
  • advisory and tactical support for celebrities and agents in contract negotiations; 
  • legal diligence and advice in evaluating and documenting business opportunities; 
  • tax and estate planning and representation; 
  • litigation and labor matters; 
  • sports facility development and financing (including related naming rights); 
  • establishing and protecting intellectual property rights; and 
  • development, financing and sales/acquisitions of sports franchises and events.

Our lawyers also have experience advising movie producers in all aspects of film production including:

  • establishing a development company and special purpose production entities; 
  • negotiating shareholder; joint venture, collaboration; joint owner and other relevant agreements; 
  • preparing and negotiating film financing agreements including offering memoranda and related agreements for private equity offerings; 
  • ensuring that an appropriate chain of title has been established from the origin of the source material to distribution of the film necessary to grant the producer the requisite rights to develop, produce and exploit the film; 
  • preparing and negotiating option purchase, writer, life story rights, production and distribution agreements; and 
  • securing all intellectual property rights for the film production including the rights to talent performances, licenses for all music, product placement and merchandising.

Our lawyers draw from their significant legal and business experience in the sports and entertainment industry. We combine that experience with the breadth and depth of a large full-service law firm, collaborating with our other practice groups - including Franchise and Distribution, Intellectual Property, Finance, Tax, Private Clients and Estate Planning, and Mergers and Acquisitions - to provide clients with an unprecedented level of support.

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