Who's Who Legal August 2014 Roundtable


Haynes and Boone Partner Jeff Civins participates in an international environmental roundtable discussion for Who’s Who Legal.

WWL: Environmental practices appear to be increasingly sub-specialised. Have you noticed this trend in your jurisdiction? And if so how has the environmental practice area at your firm changed over the years?

Jeff Civins: I started practising environmental law in 1975. At that time, although there was a breadth of environmental programmes, ranging from pollution control, to protection of sensitive aspects of the environment, to chemical handling, it was possible to be generally knowledgeable about each. But succeeding statutory amendments of those programmes, as well as the creation of new ones, resulted in lengthier and more complex statutes, which resulted in more complex regulations, making it difficult for any individual to have mastery of them all. Additionally, to interpret many of these programmes, it is important to understand their history and context. As a result, our environmental lawyers generally tend to specialise in particular areas, although we all try to maintain familiarity with the breadth of environmental programmes so we can see the big picture, provide practical legal advice, and recognise issues that require more in-depth analysis.

Excerpted from Who's Who Legal Environmental Roundtable August 2014.  To view the full article, click here.

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