American Bankers Association Bank Compliance Magazine Guest Article: Responding to Examination Findings


Amid the industry's efforts to emerge from the global financial crisis, banks now encounter a new era in examination management. This era is marked by continuing regulatory uncertainty, economic instability, and heightened expectations from prudential regulators. The established routine is not straightforward anymore.

In 2013, the authors surveyed community and large banks, bank regulators, and other compliance professionals about examination management. The survey was not scientific, yet it yielded insightful information about the evolution of responding to exam findings, particularly, what’s working, what’s not, and strategies to manage the challenges.

As a backdrop, we heard from bankers that exams are more challenging, yielding more findings and lower ratings. As a result, we looked at some tangible evidence and found the following.

Co-authored with Scott Almy and Bonita G. Jones. Excerpted from American Bankers Association Bank Compliance Magazine, April 22, 2014. To view full article, click the PDF below.

PDF - Responding to Examination Findings.pdf

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