Huffington Post Guest Article: You Can't Have Equal Pay Without Equal Opportunity


Much is written today about the wage gap between women and men in the workplace. In 2012, the typical American woman who worked full time, year-round was still only paid $.77 for every dollar paid to a man. The gap needs to be closed and we, as feminists or as supporters of women, can easily support its closure.

Certainly there are many factors contributing to this gap: education, types of circumstances, caregiving responsibilities, etc. But, can women actually get paid the same as men if they are not given the same opportunities in the workplace? Inequality exists for women even when they at the same education and job level as men. Is there a discrepancy in work assignments and responsibilities that result in a difference in pay between men and women? Is there another reason for the gaps in compensation?

We would like to believe that the answer is no. In the 21st century, things are fair and there is equality between the sexes. But I believe if you dig deeper into the issue, you will discover in many organizations an unstated, unrecognized undercurrent that keeps many women away from attaining the same status, the same caché and therefore the same pay as men.

Excerpted from the Huffington Post, February 25, 2014. To view full article, click here.

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