Human Resource Executive Online Guest Article: Drawing the Line on Social Media


Employees use social media on a daily basis and ever-exceedingly creative ways. One of the most recent examples of this creativity is an employee who resigned by submitting to her employer through YouTube an interpretive dance video to Kanye West's "Gone." However, if the employee is still employed -- not resigning, like the YouTube dancer -- this creative social media use may not always comply with the employer's view of acceptable employee behavior.

When confronted with such a situation, HR leaders have myriad laws to consider before they should take action based on an employee's social-media use. Otherwise, the employer may find itself the subject of the next viral social media post about an employer penalized or required to rehire an employee back after the employer took disciplinary action against the employee related to the employee's social media use.

Excerpted from Human Resources Online, January 13, 2014. To view full article, click here.

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