Marketing from a Young Partner's Perspective


Kudos! As a new partner, you have survived the law firm gauntlet and have been elevated to the partner ranks. By building a reputation within your firm as a reliable and talented attorney, you have succeeded in the first critical step in marketing: developing a valuable product (yourself). When your firm named you as a partner, it expressed confidence in your ability to promote your firm’s business and contribute to the bottom line.

In summary, you have already proven that you are highly capable of being a significant business developer through your success in building your internal business. But, now it is time to focus your energies on external business development. Adopting a deliberate strategy for marketing yourself and your firm to potential and existing clients is one of the best ways to realize this objective. From a new partner’s perspective, the strategies discussed here may not make you a top rainmaker overnight, but they will set the foundation for successful business development over the length of your legal career.

Excerpted from Marketing The Law Firm, Vol. 26, No. 11, March 2011. To read the full article click on the PDF linked below.

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