Orange County Business Journal Guest Article: Digital Litigation: Preparing for Success


Businesses facing litigation often confront the unfortunate reality  that the software and electronics used to develop operational  agility turn into cumbersome and costly data collection  hubs once the litigation process begins. On a typical day, an employee may access company-created work email, personal email, a Blackberry/iPhone, a home computer, instant messages, text messages, a company database, facsimiles sent to email and print, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets. Even the data accessed through these technologies are moving steadily toward cloud computing and away from internal servers. While this constant innovation creates instant accessibility, it also creates expensive headaches when litigation looms. This article addresses ways companies can prepare for the possibility and/or reality of litigation in order to mitigate additional litigation costs and circumvent even more costly discovery fights.

Excerpt from the Orange County Business Journal, Aug. 8, 2011. To view the full article, click the PDF linked below.

PDF - Orange_County_Business_Journal_Guest_Article

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