Jan Sharry for Prime Women: Tips for Traveling Internationally and Staying Connected


This is the situation that many of us experience as we approach and enter our 60s. You want to stay in the working world, but also want to travel. You’re in good health and want to experience life and those bucket list experiences before it’s too late. However, you’re not ready to retire and you don’t want to reduce your work or your workload and become marginalized. What are your options?

... There are options for all and tips for traveling internationally. You need to consider those choices, given your needs for connectivity and the costs associated with the connectivity. I, for one, have found ways to travel where I can stay connected without spending a fortune. To me it is a win/win. Travel is fun, as long as I know I can stay in touch, meet my client’s needs, and not break the bank.

Excerpted from Prime Women. To read the full article, please click here.

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