M.C. Sungaila for Women Lawyers Journal: Making Democracy Work


Each summer, The Aspen Institute, a nonpartisan think tank, hosts the justice & society seminar, co-founded by the late Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun. The seminar, held in breathtaking Aspen, Colo., brings together a small group of individuals from diverse backgrounds to discuss how a just society ought to structure its legal, judicial, and political institutions. This summer, I had the privilege of participating in a portion of the one-week annual seminar. Participants included law professors, federal district court and appellate judges, a state Supreme Court justice, a Unitarian minister, a doctor, and other partners in private law firms like me.

Over the same time period, I also participated in a two-day Aspen Institute Symposium on the United States Supreme Court’s most recent term, designed for non-lawyers, which was largely attended by business people, philanthropists, and well educated, accomplished retirees, all interested in furthering their knowledge about the court...

Both programs were fascinating, and offered an opportunity to consider broader questions about law and society that we as practicing lawyers – even appellate litigators like me – do not often have the luxury to do.

Excerpted from Women Lawyers Journal. To read the full article, click here.

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