The Houston Lawyer Guest Article: What Texas Employers Need to Know About Mexican Labor and Employment Law


Before entering an unknown business market, employers must be apprised of the labor and employment laws governing the employer-employee relationship in that jurisdiction. This is especially true for Texas employers looking to expand operations into Mexico, as Mexican law affords employees significantly more rights and benefits than Texas or United States federal law. With this summer's upcoming presidential election in Mexico, many Texas employers are likely monitoring the political and economic climate in Mexico or expanding current operations there. As these businesses continue to keep an eye on the presidential election, they should equally focus on becoming familiar with Mexican labor and employment law, as the divergent legal framework could sway certain businesses away from entering the Mexican market. Certainly, at a minimum, before Texas employers hire employees in Mexico, it is important to understand the basic differences in labor and employment law for an employer in Texas versus an employer in Mexico.

Excerpt from The Houston Lawyer, January/February 2012. To view the full article, click here.

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