Camp Cooley, Ltd.

Representation of lender in the complex Chapter 11 case Camp Cooley, Ltd in the Western District of Texas. The case required the firm to litigate disputed complex issues involving producing and nonproducing minerals, federal and state wetlands and mitigation banking regulations, surface and underground water regulations, timber rights, and operations and valuation disputes involving Camp Cooley’s cattle, genetics, and hay production operations. The lender’s claim against Camp Cooley exceeded $25 million secured by Camp Cooley’s real estate and minerals assets. After a six-day confirmation trial, the firm successfully blocked confirmation of Camp Cooley's proposed plan of reorganization over the lender's objection. Thereafter, the firm negotiated a global settlement on behalf of the lender with Camp Cooley and a second secured creditor that provided for the orderly liquidation of the Camp Cooley assets through a Section 363 sale process.

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