01/16/2015 OFAC Publishes New and Amended Cuba Sanctions Regulations
01/09/2015 Relevant Environmental Legal Aspects of the Energy Reform in Mexico
01/08/2015 Brazilian Ministry for Mines and Energy Issues Directives for A-5 Power Bid
12/30/2014 U.S. Policy on Cuba Could Create Business Opportunities
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12/23/2014 Mexico Round One – First Bidding Process
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04/17/2014 Private Equity Real Estate
02/26/2014 Asian Capital - Is the Outbound Story a Permanent Trend?
01/16/2014 The ICC ADR Rules Replaced by the New ICC Mediation Rules
12/18/2013 Historic Mexico Energy Reform Opens Opportunities for Domestic and Foreign Companies in the Oil and Gas and Power Industries
11/13/2013 Capital Commitment Financing: How it Works
11/07/2013 IFLR Guest Article: Private Investment Funds’ New Fatca Considerations
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04/02/2013 U.S. Solicits Public Comments on Negotiating Objectives for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
03/20/2013 Mexico Energy Opportunities: The Next Six Years
03/14/2013 U.S. Actions Demonstrate that National Security Concerns Are a Risk, But Not a Certain Roadblock, to Chinese Investments: Good Advice, Careful Planning and Smart Execution Are Critical
02/12/2013 Brazil Announces 11th Oil and Gas Bid Round
12/03/2012 Amendments to the Mexican Federal Labor Law
07/25/2012 An Update on the Manifestly Contrary to Public Policy Exception
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03/01/2011 Latin American Energy Markets for 2011 − Argentina and Peru
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03/04/2009 Latin American Energy Markets
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