01/29/2015 The Draft Proposed 2017-2022 OCS Oil and Gas Leasing Program
01/27/2015 Addressing Oil and Gas Loan Defaults: Options and Consequences
01/16/2015 OFAC Publishes New and Amended Cuba Sanctions Regulations
01/13/2015 Target Consumer Class Action Survives Motion to Dismiss
01/08/2015 Brazilian Ministry for Mines and Energy Issues Directives for A-5 Power Bid
01/05/2015 A Dozen Ways to Stretch Your Borrowing Base
12/30/2014 U.S. Policy on Cuba Could Create Business Opportunities
12/23/2014 Mexico Round One – First Bidding Process
12/22/2014 Three Recent FCPA Actions Highlight Enforcement Focus on Gifts and Hospitality
12/18/2014 Sony Pictures Hit With Class Actions Arising from Recent Data Breach
12/15/2014 Administration Raises Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Penalty Cap By 77 Percent
12/10/2014 Issuing Banks’ Claims Against Target Allowed to Proceed
12/01/2014 Denton’s Fracking Ban: Will “Civil Authority” Insurance Coverage Apply to Lessees’ Loss of Natural Gas Revenues?
12/01/2014 Oil and Gas Monitor Guest Article: The Shale Revolution: Expanding the Use of Alternative Financing Structures
11/11/2014 Connecticut Supreme Court: HIPAA Does Not Preempt State Law Claims
11/04/2014 Lightning Oil Company v. Anadarko E&P Offshore, LLC
11/03/2014 Putting the Genie Back in the Bottle: Fifth Circuit Finds Breach of Express Warranty to Repair Not Excluded by the “Contractual Liability” Exclusion
10/29/2014 FCC Brings Its First Data Breach Enforcement Action
10/24/2014 Key Developments in Privacy and Data Security
10/06/2014 Oil and Gas Monitor Guest Article: Things that Go Bump in the Night: Litigation Risks that Leave Oil and Gas CEOs Sleepless
10/02/2014 BSEE Initiates Rulemaking on Helicopter Facilities and Helidecks
09/05/2014 Texas Lawyer Guest Article: Differing Results in Recent Nuisance Cases Against Oil and Gas Operators
08/27/2014 Surface Access, the Accommodation Doctrine, and Fresh Groundwater
08/22/2014 Bureau of Ocean Energy Management's Plan to Reform Risk Management
08/20/2014 Mexican Energy Reform on Oil and Gas
07/24/2014 Turning Lemons into Lemonade: Insurance Coverage Lessons Learned from Heartland Payment Systems
06/10/2014 Offshore With A Hole In Your Paddle: Does Your Risk Management Cover The New Post-Macondo World?
05/20/2014 LabMD Appeals District Court Dismissal, Eleventh Circuit Denies Emergency Relief
05/16/2014 FTC Retains Authority to Regulate Data Security at HIPAA Covered Entities - For Now
05/14/2014 Company Faces Shareholder Derivative Suit Following Series of Data Breaches
05/08/2014 A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response - Special Series
05/07/2014 Mexico Energy Reform - Implementing Legislation
04/17/2014 HIPAA Covered Entity Challenges FTC’s Authority to Regulate Data Security
04/11/2014 DOJ and FTC Release a Joint Antitrust Policy Statement Encouraging Companies to Share Cyber Threat Information
04/09/2014 Court Rules that FTC has Authority to Regulate Corporate Cybersecurity
04/04/2014 CFTC Loosens Requirements for Swaps for Utility Special Entities
04/03/2014 A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response - Part 8
03/28/2014 SEC Roundtable is Latest Sign of Cybersecurity’s Critical Importance to Businesses
03/27/2014 A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response - Part 7
03/21/2014 A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response - Part 6
03/13/2014 A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response - Part 5
03/11/2014 American Oil & Gas Reporter Guest Article: Winter Weather Significantly Alters Landscape for Natural Gas Prices
03/06/2014 A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response - Part 4
02/27/2014 A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response - Part 3
02/20/2014 A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response - Part 2
02/13/2014 A Desk Guide to Data Protection and Breach Response - Part 1
12/19/2013 Prosecutors Obtain First RICO Conviction in a Cybercrime Case
12/18/2013 Historic Mexico Energy Reform Opens Opportunities for Domestic and Foreign Companies in the Oil and Gas and Power Industries
10/31/2013 The Next Disruptive Wave
10/21/2013 Andy Weissman American Oil & Gas Reporter Guest Article: U.S. Natural Gas Industry Positioned for Dominant Role in Global LNG Markets
10/10/2013 A Form for All Directions: A.A.P.L.’s “New” 1989 Horizontal Well JOA
10/02/2013 Fifth Circuit Expansion of Cyber Liability?
08/15/2013 White House Reports on Recommended Incentives for Adopting Cybersecurity Framework
06/26/2013 Trends in Oil and Gas Financing
05/16/2013 Recent Litigation and Court Cases Affecting the Oil and Gas Upstream Business
05/13/2013 Latin American Law & Business Report Guest Article: Re-Opening the Genie’s Bottle - What’s in Store for Latin American Energy in 2013: Focus on Brazil
04/25/2013 California Man Convicted of Hacking into Former Employer’s Computer Network
04/17/2013 California Computer Hacking Case Highlights Important Circuit Split on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
04/11/2013 31st Annual Review of Developments in Business Financing - Developments and Trends in Oil and Gas Financings 2013
04/05/2013 29th Annual Litigation Update Institute Course Book Guest Article: Energy Law Update
03/14/2013 Cyber Attacks are the Number One Threat to National Security
03/12/2013 Public Companies Increasingly Disclosing Cybersecurity Risks
03/06/2013 Electric Light & Power Guest Article: Shale is Permanently Changing U.S. Electricity Markets
03/06/2013 Texas Executive Convicted of Hacking Former Employer’s Computer Network
02/19/2013 President Obama Signs Cybersecurity Executive Order
02/14/2013 Oil & Gas Monitor Guest Article: The Top Six Issues and Opportunities Facing the Oil and Gas Industry in 2013
02/12/2013 Brazil Announces 11th Oil and Gas Bid Round
01/30/2013 Employer Penalties Regarding Healthcare Coverage Apply in 2014
12/21/2012 American Law and Jurisprudence on Fracing - 2012
11/27/2012 Understanding Hydraulic Fracturing: Issues, Challenges and Regulatory Regime
10/19/2012 American Oil & Gas Reporter Guest Article: Drivers Permanently Altering Way U.S. Market Functions In Post-Shale Play Era
09/18/2012 Commercial End Users Must Start Compliance with Dodd-Frank
09/05/2012 Updated: What Does “Hedge or Mitigate Commercial Risk” Mean? How Will Energy Producers and Consumers Prove They Are “Commercial End Users” Under the Dodd-Frank Act?
08/29/2012 You Never Miss the Water 'Til the Well Runs Dry: The Competing Uses for Water in a Shale Play
06/13/2012 Distressed Natural Gas: Non-Operator Rights and Risk Mitigation Strategies When Your Operator Files Bankruptcy
05/29/2012 Managing Risk in Distressed Natural Gas Acquisitions: The Pros and Cons of Acquiring Assets through Bankruptcy
05/16/2012 Acquiring Distressed Natural Gas Assets Outside of Bankruptcy: Good Deals Today May Be Fraudulent Transfers Tomorrow
05/10/2012 Petroleum-Engineering Firm Could Be Liable for Reserve Estimates
03/28/2012 Law360 Guest Article: Drilling Into Ambiguities In Oil And Gas Laws
03/27/2012 30th Annual Review of Developments in Business Financing -- Focus on the Oil and Gas Energy Patch
03/08/2012 Haynes and Boone Webinar: Private Capital Quarterly Energy - An Analysis of Fracking Developments
02/27/2012 State-Level Upstream Gas Litigation
02/24/2012 What Does "Hedge or Mitigate Commercial Risk" Mean? How Will Energy Producers and Consumers Prove They are "Commercial End Users" Under the Dodd-Frank Act?
02/15/2012 Oil and Gas Investor Guest Article: On Shaky Grounds - EPA's Tentative Findings In Wyoming
02/13/2012 Oil, Gas & Energy Law Intelligence Guest Article: The Arctic is White Hot
01/05/2012 Franchise Law Update
12/29/2011 Houston Business Journal Guest Article: 'Claptrap' over Keystone mere political noise
12/16/2011 San Antonio Express-News Guest Column: Incentives needed to bring power generation to Texas
12/07/2011 EPA to Regulate Fracing Substances under the Toxic Substances Control Act
12/06/2011 The American Oil & Gas Reporter Guest Article: Changing Times Bring Conflict With Surface Owners
10/18/2011 Recent Litigation Related to Oil and Gas Drilling
10/05/2011 TRAIN May Stay New EPA Regulation of Power Plant Emissions
09/04/2011 Houston Chronicle Guest Column: Drilling revolution presents problems for landowners
08/23/2011 Fracking Legal Landscape Updated in Haynes and Boone White Paper
08/17/2011 Hart's E&P Guest Article: Texas Adopts Fracing Disclosure Rules -- Stall Off Feds?
07/26/2011 North American Windpower Guest Article: Market Headwinds Persist For U.S. Wind Capital
06/28/2011 Dodd-Frank Revisited
06/24/2011 Texas Signs Fracking Disclosure Bill Into Law
05/19/2011 Goods in the Stream: Texas Courts Limit Taxing Jurisdictions’ Ability to Tax Property in Transit
04/05/2011 House Bill Could Make Impairment of Mineral Estates a Compensable Regulatory Taking
03/18/2011 Senate Bill Seeks Required Disclosure of Chemicals in Fracking Fluid
03/01/2011 The Joint Operating Agreement: Are You Certain...?
02/23/2011 Integration of Renewables in ERCOT: Costs, Project Risks and New Regulatory Requirements
02/18/2011 New Requirements in Texas for Approval of Plugging Extensions
02/16/2011 Tom Kurth on the Facts and Science Supporting Fracking
02/09/2011 Wiring Around Carbon: Implications of Transmission Pricing Mechanisms and Smart Grid
02/01/2011 Proposed Changes to Oil and Gas Taxation
01/06/2011 Feds Convene Meeting to Discuss Regulations Curtailing Offshore Natural Gas Venting
01/06/2011 Mining the Tax-Free Exchange
12/01/2010 American Law and Jurisprudence on Fracking
12/01/2010 Federal Environmental Framework For Energy Projects
11/15/2010 The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement’s New Safety Environmental Management Systems Rule
11/10/2010 Hedging the Dodd-Frank Act
11/01/2010 De-Risking International Energy Deals
10/25/2010 Gas Shale and Hydraulic Fracturing Work for Our Nation
10/15/2010 Unexpected Killers of Your International Energy Deal
09/15/2010 Exploring the Great White North
08/25/2010 Gas Bonanza: How hydraulic fracturing can work for New York
08/24/2010 Recent Statutory and Regulatory Developments Related to Hydraulic Fracturing in New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio
08/22/2010 Gas shale and ‘fracing’ work for New York
08/02/2010 Developers who anted up deserve power line priority
07/31/2010 Diana Liebmann Guest Blog: How to bring transmission lines to windy West Texas
07/16/2010 Shale wells are well-regulated: Pennsylvania has all the tools it needs to extract gas safely
07/08/2010 Law Applicable to Hydraulic Fracturing in the Shale States
04/01/2010 The Arctic: Past the Last Frontier
03/25/2010 More Proposed Regulation of Oil and Gas Operations: Greenhouse Gas Reporting and Changes to Air Permits
02/15/2010 U.S. Department of Energy Loan Guarantee Program
09/22/2009 New Brazil Gas Law
09/01/2009 Revisiting the Executive Right to Lease Oil & Gas Interests
08/24/2009 Will Brazil's New Natural Gas Law Stimulate Investment?
06/04/2009 Recent Developments in Texas and United States Energy Law
05/22/2009 Operator Removal Under the 1989 Form "Joint Operating Agreement" in Texas
05/01/2009 Surface Damages, Site-Remediation and Well Bonding in Wyoming - Results and Analysis of Recent Regulations
05/01/2009 Surface Use and Access for Oil and Gas Exploration in Frontier Areas
04/23/2009 Staking Claim On The Last Energy Frontier
03/04/2009 Latin American Energy Markets
03/01/2009 SEC Adopts New Reserve Definition
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06/30/2008 The Venezuelan Oil and Gas Sector - Part 1
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