Case Studies

Short summaries of case studies are listed below.  Clicking on the case study title will provide a more detailed description.

Crafting a “Divide and Conquer” Strategy

A large, independent oil and gas exploration company based in Texas. Residents of a Native American tribe whose Montana reservation was near one of the company’s production sites filed suit, alleging contamination of their water source from the oil drilling activity of a predecessor company. The lawsuit triggered an investigation by the Environmental Protection Agency, which ordered the company to take remedial action to assure the safety of the water supply. >>

Perfecting a Team Approach

Our client faced a number of lawsuits around the country from individual plaintiffs and plaintiff groups alleging health problems from exposure to the chemical benzene. Our client needed a single law firm to structure its nationwide defense in these lawsuits, and chose Haynes and Boone to serve as national coordinating counsel. >>