09/07/2011 .XXX Domain Registry Begins Accepting Opt-Out Applications
06/16/2011 .XXX Marks the Spot? Trademark Owners Can Block the Use of Their Marks in .XXX Domains
01/08/2015 A “Crumby” Decision Confuses Trademark Law for Rejected Licenses in Chapter 11 Cases
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06/28/2010 Accelerated Patent Examination Plan Extended
06/19/2014 After 22 Years of Litigation, the U.S. Trademark Office Again Cancels the Washington Redskins’ Trademarks as Disparaging to Native Americans
02/02/2010 Another Detour? Steer Internet Traffic to Your Sites by Registering .CO Domains
02/14/2012 Biosimilars: Draft Guidance Documents Issued by FDA
04/06/2012 Breaking the Chains of Prometheus: Practical Claim Drafting
05/31/2011 But-For Materiality and Tightened Inequitable Conduct Standards: The Therasense v. Becton, Dickinson En Banc Federal Circuit Decision
04/17/2013 California Computer Hacking Case Highlights Important Circuit Split on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
04/25/2013 California Man Convicted of Hacking into Former Employer’s Computer Network
01/14/2015 CFAA Claims by Software Vendors for Unauthorized Access to Their Licensed Software on Their Clients’ Computers
08/03/2012 CLS Bank and Bancorp: Back to Back Federal Circuit Decisions Offer Different Conclusions on Patentability
05/14/2014 Company Faces Shareholder Derivative Suit Following Series of Data Breaches
07/26/2011 Conformity is a Virtue: The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Proposes Changes to the Duty of Disclosure to Match the Therasense Standard
11/11/2014 Connecticut Supreme Court: HIPAA Does Not Preempt State Law Claims
04/09/2014 Court Rules that FTC has Authority to Regulate Corporate Cybersecurity
03/14/2013 Cyber Attacks are the Number One Threat to National Security
04/11/2014 DOJ and FTC Release a Joint Antitrust Policy Statement Encouraging Companies to Share Cyber Threat Information
10/29/2014 FCC Brings Its First Data Breach Enforcement Action
10/21/2014 FDA Throws the (Purple) Book at Biosimilars - Purple v. Orange
05/09/2014 Federal Circuit Holds Java API Code Copyrightable, Revives Oracle’s Billion-Dollar Suit Against Google
11/17/2014 Federal Circuit Strikes Down Business Method Patent Based on Early-Stage Motion to Dismiss
10/02/2013 Fifth Circuit Expansion of Cyber Liability?
12/08/2014 Finally, the Post-Alice Federal Circuit Finds a Computer-Implemented Business Method Patent-Eligible
12/17/2010 FLASH - Supreme Court Does Not Answer Copyright Exhaustion Question in Costco
04/10/2012 Fourth Circuit Revives Rosetta Stone’s Trademark Infringement and Dilution Claims in Google Adwords Appeal
05/16/2014 FTC Retains Authority to Regulate Data Security at HIPAA Covered Entities - For Now
03/25/2010 Google AdWords Decision Issued by the European Court of Justice
03/31/2011 Hatch-Waxman Litigation Alerts: New Jersey Amends Local Patent Rules
11/05/2010 Hatch-Waxman Litigation Alerts: Recent Federal Circuit Decision on Section viii Carve Outs and Inducement
04/17/2014 HIPAA Covered Entity Challenges FTC’s Authority to Regulate Data Security
04/05/2011 How Much Would You Pay for This Lovely Expedited Examination? USPTO Approves Priority Utility and Plant Patent Application Examination
02/05/2010 Innovation Fee: Surcharge on U.S. Patent & Trademark Protection
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12/10/2014 Issuing Banks’ Claims Against Target Allowed to Proceed
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05/20/2014 LabMD Appeals District Court Dismissal, Eleventh Circuit Denies Emergency Relief
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05/10/2010 Management (and the Federal Circuit) Torched Our Patent: What Should We Have Done Differently?
06/28/2013 Method Claims Invalid for Lack of Enablement: The Federal Circuit’s Recent Decision in Wyeth and Cordis Corp. v. Abbott Laboratories
05/23/2013 Monsanto Rounds Up Big Win for Self-Replicating Tech
01/11/2012 New gTLD Application Window Opens January 12: What Do Brand Owners Need to Know to Protect Their Brands?
07/26/2013 No Written Description for Claim to Species Based on Generic Disclosure Says the Federal Circuit
06/18/2013 Not a Biotech Company? What Myriad Might Mean For You
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03/30/2009 Patently Complicated New Rules Still in Play: Tafas v. Doll on Interlocutory Appeal
09/16/2011 Practice Tips Under the Patent Reform Rules
02/19/2013 President Obama Signs Cybersecurity Executive Order
10/15/2008 Pro-IP Act Signed into Law
12/19/2013 Prosecutors Obtain First RICO Conviction in a Cybercrime Case
10/12/2009 PTO Seeking Rulemaking Authority Despite Rescinding Proposed Claims and Continuation Rules
03/12/2013 Public Companies Increasingly Disclosing Cybersecurity Risks
05/15/2012 Recent U.S. Court Decisions Regarding Section viii "Carve-Outs"
03/28/2014 SEC Roundtable is Latest Sign of Cybersecurity’s Critical Importance to Businesses
10/01/2009 Software Licenses: Permission vs. Forgiveness and the Law of Unintended Consequences
12/18/2014 Sony Pictures Hit With Class Actions Arising from Recent Data Breach
11/14/2012 Step Right Up and Adjust Your Patent Term: Court Finds Improper PTO Calculations
04/04/2013 Subject Matter Support in Design Continuation Applications: In re Owens Decision Provides New Guidance
06/10/2009 Submit Your Trademarks to Facebook to Prevent Infringement
06/02/2014 Supreme Court Adopts New Indefiniteness Standard
03/28/2014 Supreme Court Confirms Broad Reach of Lanham Act False Advertising Claims
01/23/2015 Supreme Court Favors Juries over Judges in Deciding Consumer Perspective Trademark Issue
06/13/2014 Supreme Court Holds Federal Unfair Competition Claim Not Precluded by FDA’s Food and Beverage Labeling Regulations
01/13/2015 Target Consumer Class Action Survives Motion to Dismiss
03/06/2013 Texas Executive Convicted of Hacking Former Employer’s Computer Network
06/14/2012 The Big Reveal: ICANN Announces New gTLDs and Their Applicants
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07/24/2014 Turning Lemons into Lemonade: Insurance Coverage Lessons Learned from Heartland Payment Systems
06/23/2010 U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Proposes Three-Track Patent Examination Initiative
02/06/2013 U.S. Supreme Court Says “Enough, Already” - Nike’s Broad Covenant Not to Sue Mooted Its Competitor’s Cancellation Counterclaim
04/02/2010 United States Patent and Trademark Office Rules on Deposing Non-U.S. Resident Executives in Trademark Proceedings
11/08/2011 Weathering the Storm: Qimonda, Patent Licenses and § 365(n)
10/27/2010 Weathering the Storm: Third Circuit Concurring Opinion Supports Trademark Licensees’ Retention of Rights in Bankruptcy Cases
06/17/2013 What Elephant? Supreme Court Downplays Inquiry into Patent Strength in Hatch-Waxman Settlements
08/15/2013 White House Reports on Recommended Incentives for Adopting Cybersecurity Framework
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