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09/01/2011 Adjustments to Qualified Client Standard
09/11/2014 CFTC Relief Permits Commodity Pools to Use General Solicitation
02/04/2009 Electronic Filing of Form D
01/27/2011 Exemptions From Investment Adviser Registration: The SEC’s Proposed New Rules
02/23/2010 FTC Lowers HSR Notification Thresholds for 2010
11/07/2012 Investment Funds Not Liable for Portfolio Company’s Multiemployer Pension Plan Withdrawal Liability
02/03/2009 Legislation Requiring Investment Fund Registration Introduced in the U.S. Senate
02/02/2011 New FINRA Rule 5131 to Address Abuses in the Allocation and Distribution of IPOs
08/09/2013 Private Equity Investment Funds can now have Pension Liability for the Obligations of Portfolio Companies
04/06/2009 Public-Private Investment Program
01/13/2010 SEC Adopts Amendments to Custody Rule
07/07/2011 SEC Adopts Definition of Family Office
07/21/2011 SEC Adopts Exemptions from Investment Adviser Registration
07/14/2011 SEC Adopts Final Rules Implementing Amendments to the Advisers Act
07/02/2010 SEC Adopts Pay-to-Play Rules
11/15/2011 SEC and CFTC Jointly Adopt Form PF
06/13/2012 SEC Announces Examination Strategy for Newly-Registered Investment Advisers
07/28/2009 SEC Approves NYSE Amendments to Eliminate Broker Discretionary Voting in Uncontested Director Elections
06/23/2011 SEC Extends Investment Adviser Registration Deadline and Adopts Final Rules
07/16/2013 SEC Lifts the General Solicitation Ban in Certain Private Offerings: Key Considerations for Private Fund Managers
05/09/2011 SEC Needs more than Transaction-Based Compensation to Prove Broker Activity
06/20/2011 SEC Proposes Adjustments to Qualified Client Standard
12/28/2010 SEC Proposes New Disclosure and Reporting Requirements for Investment Advisers
02/24/2011 SEC Proposes Private Fund Systemic Risk Reporting on New Form PF
04/12/2011 SEC to Consider Extension of Registration Deadlines Applicable to Investment Advisers
07/23/2010 Significant New Registration, Reporting and Regulatory Requirements Imposed on Advisers to Private Funds
02/18/2010 Texas Business Organizations Code Now Applicable to All Entities
12/07/2010 The Infrastructure and Real Estate Trust in Mexico (FIBRA)
02/14/2011 Voluntary Disclosure Plan for Offshore Assets - Take #2
01/19/2012 Voluntary Disclosure Plan for Offshore Assets - Take #3
09/09/2009 Weathering the Storm: Guidelines Issued for Private Equity Investors Acquiring Failed Banks or Thrifts
02/01/2009 Analyzing the Risks of Offshore Financing and the Impact of Lehman Brothers International, Regulation X, and Portfolio Margining
06/15/2011 Attracting New Managers: Hedge funds find hospitable home in Texas
10/23/2014 Eurekahedge Guest Article: CSRC New Regulations on Private Investment Funds
11/05/2010 Is Our Corporation Complying With All the New Laws and Regulations?
07/13/2011 Legal Tips for the Private Equity Professional
02/08/2010 Managing Risk: A Guide for Investment Advisers