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Case Studies

Short summaries of case studies are listed below.  Clicking on the case study title will provide a more detailed description.

Protecting Value in a High-Pressure Liquidation

We represented The Bombay Company, Inc. throughout the process of evaluating alternatives ranging from a plan for additional capital to a merger or other business combination, while also proceeding on a parallel track of preparing for an orderly liquidation.   Following the bankruptcy court's approval, the liquidation sale began and was successful beyond expectations. >>

Recovering Insurance Costs to Exit from Bankruptcy

Our client owned a premium multifamily residential complex located in the heart of New Orleans.  When the property was damaged by Hurricane Katrina, the investors sought Haynes and Boone’s help to get the maximum in financial cost recovery under their commercial insurance policy.  As the result of effective negotiation with the insurance carrier, we were able to secure a damage settlement for nearly twice the amount that our clients had expected.  We also got the carrier to relinquish its subrogation rights against the contractor. >>

Success … or Liability

In the late 1990s, our client acquired assets from a company that had used those assets in the manufacture and sale of asbestos-containing products. Although our client never manufactured or sold asbestos-containing products in the United States and had been indemnified by the seller of the assets, it faced the prospect of liability from asbestos-related lawsuits under successor liability theories. >>