Diana Liebmann Featured in Texas Super Lawyers: Power Broker - Liebmann has quietly become one of the top wind energy lawyers in Texas


It happened several years ago. Diana M. Liebmann, who heads the electric power practice in the San Antonio office of Haynes and Boone, LLP, was driving across West Texas with her daughter when they came upon a wind farm. Pointing to the clusters of wind turbines, Lauren, who is now 13, asked, “Mommy, are those your windmills?”

“Yes,” Liebmann replied, explaining that the windmills belonged to her clients: “Mommy worked on them, but I didn’t actually build them.”

But if she didn’t actually build forests of wind turbines, which are as tall as Douglas-fir trees and now as common a sight as oil wells in the region, Liebmann’s advocacy and regulatory expertise on wind generation have played an important role in their existence, survival and expansion.

And when it comes to wind energy, Texas rules.

Recent statistics compiled by the American Wind Energy Association show that at the close of the third quarter in 2010, the Lone Star State had a generation capacity of 9,727 megawatts (MW), more than twice its closest competitor, Iowa. That’s enough electricity to keep the lights and appliances on in 2.6 million homes.

Liebmann, who has been closely engaged in regulatory issues since she worked as a legislative aide in Austin 18 years ago while in college and law school, understands the maze of laws and regulatory actions governing electricity like few do. 

Published in Texas Super Lawyers. To read the full article, click the PDF linked below.


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