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Dear Clients and Colleagues, 

At the beginning of 1970, Dick Haynes and Mike Boone formed Haynes and Boone. Now, as we begin our 50th year, I look back in awe at the vision of our founding partners. They built our firm on simple, yet powerful, core principles that will continue to serve as our foundation for another 50 years of client service and law practice innovation.

When they created our firm, Dick and Mike committed to decision-making for the long term and demanded unparalleled commitment to clients, to the community and to each other. These principles have distinguished us and drive our culture of collaboration, professionalism and service to our clients and communities.

Now 50 years after our founding, Haynes and Boone's footprint spans 17 offices on three continents, with nearly 600 lawyers and more than 40 practice areas that focus on representing clients in the energy, technology, financial services and private equity sectors. Our core principles helped bring us to this point, but we also know that we could not have made this progress without your loyal support. To retain your support, we also appreciate that we must continue to enhance every aspect of the service we provide you. And that is what we are doing. As we stay true to our core principles, we are adapting to meet your business needs.

You face unprecedented challenges and opportunities, and your expectations, rightfully, are high. Our goal is to be your strategic business advisor who helps you craft integrated solutions that resolve your business issues and leverage new markets.

To continue to find ways to serve you across geographies and sectors, we have embraced a future vision of our firm that we call our 2025 Plan.

Our work on the 2025 Plan demonstrated our firm's core values of respect, team work, humility and joint purpose. The development and implementation of the Plan has proved that a collaboration of professionals across our firm will produce remarkable results. The Plan has many elements, but a key focus is on the seamless sharing of data, customizable analytics, and streamlining processes. This goal is supported by our commitment to nurturing creativity, fostering innovation and investing in cutting-edge technology, while continually engaging in the development of our people.

The early results of the implementation of our 2025 Plan prove what we have learned over time - if we work with purpose and prioritize values, we will grow and prosper and be able to maintain our core principles in the service of our clients, even though the world may be in a constant state of change.

Our profession and the world markets are going through a time of unparalleled change. Haynes and Boone is investing today to best serve your needs tomorrow. As I look back over the last 50 years, I can clearly see this investment in serving your needs has always been the Haynes and Boone way. 

Thank you again for your business and friendship. I welcome your feedback at any time.

 Tim Powers

Managing Partner

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