Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics

February 01, 2004

What Stakeholders Expect and Governments Require of Multinational Oil and Gas Companies


The bar has been raised for multinational companies.  Corporate accountability is being discussed in the news, by shareholders, and in corporate board rooms.  U.S. government agencies are examining corporate conduct through the lense of the Enron scandal, and concerns about rogue nations and weapons proliferation have caused governments to scrutinize the international movement of goods, technology and money.  Local communities around the globe, with the help of the media, are placing demands for better living standards not only on their governments, but increasingly on the multinational companies that are operate in their backyard, and these demands, in some cases, have resulted in multi-million dollar litigation in the U.S.  In short, it is a challenging time for multinational oil and gas companies.  This paper will explore some of the compliance and ethical issues that companies are confronted with under these new, higher standards.

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