Health Care Legislative Update


You have accessed the Healthcare Legislative Update for the 76th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature. This update has been compiled by the Health Care Section of Haynes and Boone LLP for use as a quick reference tool on topics that we believe that will be of interest to our clients and the healthcare industry.

The bills included in this update are referenced both by bill number and short subject, and a short summary of each bill is provided. The summary is not intended to be a comprehensive report on the legislation or to offer legal advice or opinions regarding the bill but rather to offer a brief description of the subject matter and nature of the legislation which will allow you to determine whether the bill potentially impacts your business. If you are interested in a particular bill you may access the legislation directly to obtain the full text of the new law as well as other information about it. To access the text of the legislation directly via the internet at the Texas Legislature's web site, simply click on the bill number.

We hope that you find this update useful. If you have questions regarding the update itself, or any of the bills included in it, please contact one of our attorneys who are listed below. We will welcome the opportunity to work with you in obtaining information about current legislation as well as determining the impact these new health care related laws have on your business.

Please note that not all health care related legislation is summarized in this update.  The information provided in this document is current as of the stated dates only. The reader should review for any changes or updates to the law or interpretations of the law when relying on the information provided herein.  The reader should check for changes or updates, for interpretations and for other developments. This information is summary in nature and should not be relied upon as legal advice.

For the complete publication please download the PDF below.

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